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    Tools & Apps for online RPG conferencing

    Hello, in times of the Plague when "social distancing" is required, we still want to play D&D / Pathfinder. So let's try it online... but how? Any good apps & tools & whatever to play online with about 5 players (with hopefully good enough internet speed)? Should be compatible on several OS /...
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    Legendary Magic Items - your experiences?

    Hello, I just browsed the DM's guide again and just for the fun of it was dreaming about my paladin having one (or more!) legendary items one day... (far away, if ever, now we are level 4). As I also DM, my "DM-side" thought: "I'd never gave this one out!" when looking at some items. For...
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    5E halforc paladin level 4 - ASI?

    Hi everybody, I'm playing a halforc paladin of Tyr and we just reached level 4. Feats are allowed, which makes it really hard for me to decide - too many options! (see below) He's the typical sword & board, heavy armor, strength paladin with the following stats: Str 16 Dex 10 Con 14 Int 10...
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    5E Adventure idea, missing links - help please!

    Hi, I was just told that we're going to play tomorrow, and I need some help. It's my our family campaign (ages 10..15) and I recently had the ideato get them into a classical horror / vampire story. FYI, they are 4 players, D&D 5e, level 8: he sorcerer, hu druid, we ranger, ha rogue. I think I...
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    3E/3.5 3e -> 4e: Have we lost options?

    Hi, our long time gaming group is discussing 4e. Should we switch? I am for the change to 4e, me likes! The main argument from those against 4e are: 1) no more 100s of spells to choose from 2) not enough character building options! my thoughts about: 1) yes, true, the spellcasters give up...