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    ZEITGEIST The Dying Skyseer: Cracked Cauldron

    Hey there I might have missed a thread somewhere but I can't seem to find anything about the Cracked Cauldron. I have the PF compilation and it states that information about the cauldron can be found in appendix M, however I can't seem to find any mention of the cauldron anywhere but where it...
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    ZEITGEIST How to prepare new PCS to a Zeitgeist campaign (NO SPOILERS)

    After a long WOTBS campaign I am starting a Zeitgeist campaign for my group of three players. A lot of you have either played or are playing a Zeitgeist campaign, and I wonder what advise you would give new PCs so that they can prepare in the best way for the enormity of Zeitgeist. I have...
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    WotBS Missing stats in Trials of Echoed Souls

    Last session we completed chapter 6 (I know update is missing in my campaign thread) and I am preparing for chapter 7. When reading through the material (I have the Complete Campaign PDF for 3.5) I noticed that there were not any stats of Fell the Polar Bear, Inquisitor Ursus' animal companion...
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    WotBS Quicken effect in Castle Korstull

    In my campaign we are getting close to entering the upper level of Castle Korstull. First when I read the paragraph about the quicken effect I interpreted it as a state that happened automatically, however, after reading the description under Griiat it states that he knows about the quicken...
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    WotBS Trackin Clan Millorn’s movement in Castle Korstull

    Trackin Clan Millorn’s movement in Castle Korstull My campaign has been on a small break since end of November for many reasons, but now we are getting closer to our next game session in mid february. Atm. the party is standing outside the main doors to Castle Korstull on the verge of...
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    WotBS MrPereira's WOTBS D&D 3.5 Campaign (SPOILERS IN THE POSTS)

    Disclaimer: There will be spoilers in the text – and please forgive my grammatical errors, English is not my native language. I am the DM of a WOTBS campaign and have been toying with the idea for a while to post about it in these forums. If you end up reading and following this thread, feel...
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    WotBS Game balance and experience with potential adjustments

    In my campaign (WOTBS 3.5) we are currently halfway through the Mad King's Banquet getting close to the battle at Otharil Vale. So far the game balance has been fine overall, but I have been noticing a few things that make me Wonder if the later chapters are going to need a little overhaul with...
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    WotBS Experiences with the bonus adventures in 3.5 complete campaign

    Some time ago I bought the 3.5 complete campaign and have enjoyed playing it so far. We are more or less through part 3 - they are at the sunken prison, where we stopped the last sesssion. I have been considering throwing in the five bonus adventures as part of the main storyline, instead of...