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  1. Commander_Fallout

    Occult Adventures Discussion

    So, as I mentioned in the General Discussion Thread, Occult Adventures is finally fully cataloged on d20pfsrd, and I wanted to get a discussion going on whether or not we should add all or some to our game here. Personally, I really like it. It's incredibly flavorful, it looks fun, and it brings...
  2. Commander_Fallout

    Proposal: Occult Oracle Mystery

    I am, I promise you, going to get around to making this character eventually. However, there is one more thing I'd like to request, the Occult mystery from the Reign of Winter AP. I've looked over it a few times and it fits my oracle idea near perfectly. Specifically, it deals with the subject...
  3. Commander_Fallout

    Proposal: Substantiating the Lady of Sorrows

    I'm thinking of making a wayang oracle, and I was browsing the wiki looking for something I could base it on. On Sumbru's page, it mentions a goddess named "The Lady of Sorrows," who is worshiped by a group of oracles. This is already a god, but she has nothing in the way of actual fluff...
  4. Commander_Fallout

    Dwarven Forgemaster

    So, I don't know if this has been addressed before, as I can't find it anywhere on the wiki explicitly banning or changing it. The Advanced Player's Guide has an archetype for Dwarven clerics that, among other things, basically makes them good/great item crafters. However, crafting is banned...