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  1. AcererakTriple6

    5E Epic Levels 21-30 (please help/give thoughts)

    So, I have started making a my own homebrew system from gaining levels beyond level 20. I have currently mostly completed 4 subclasses, and the document below has a link to the physical version of this. I haven't finished transferring them from my physical copy to this version, and am making...
  2. AcererakTriple6

    5E Should D&D 5e have Epic Levels?

    Okay, so this thread is based around one question: Should D&D 5e have Epic Levels? So, have at it. Answer the poll, and please comment down below with your thoughts on this topic. If you believe so, should they just be normal class progression, but at higher levels? If yes, too what level...
  3. AcererakTriple6

    5E Want to help me conquer the Sword Coast, Restore Netheril, etc?

    Okay, quick summary of the campaign: My character is a Changeling Hexblade Warlock of level 4, almost level 5. My name is Chance, but I do not go by this at most times. I ride a pegasus in combat, named Flair, and use a +2 greatsword that is my Pact Weapon. My patron is Karsus, the ancient...
  4. AcererakTriple6

    General Fantasy Racism in D&D

    Okay, so I want to make this clear. This thread is not about real world racism being echoed in D&D worlds, or anything like that. This is about how you do racism in D&D, if you do it at all. So, in my campaigns, I do have racists. There are people who do hate other races just because of the...
  5. AcererakTriple6

    5E What Level 20 Class Would Win?

    So, here's a question. What level 20 class do you think would win a 1 on 1 combat against any other class? There are no magic items allowed, unless you have class abilities that give you them. You get your subclass abilities, and get to choose your spells beforehand knowing that you're going...
  6. AcererakTriple6

    5E Mythic Odysseys of Theros Reviews

    Hey, just wanted to create a thread for people to give review on everything and anything contained inside MOoT (I love the acronym, by the way). My favorite change in this whole book is the fact that Tritons get Darkvision. The lore and subclasses and races are great, especially the Satyr, but...
  7. AcererakTriple6

    General DM or Player Poll

    Just a quick poll to see how many people on this website that play D&D (any edition) DM or are a player. Mark DM if you regularly DM, or DM most often. Mark player if you play most often. You may comment below to share experiences, explain why you chose the option that you did, and other...
  8. AcererakTriple6

    5E Spelljammer in 5e

    So, I was wondering. How many of you have played Spelljammer in 5e? Please post below explaining how your experience doing so was. Any funny stories? Anyone seduced by a neogi, or obliterated by a Star Spawn? What changes have you made to your Spelljammer that the original setting didn't have...
  9. AcererakTriple6

    5E D&D 5e Adventure Reviews

    So, D&D 5e has been out for almost 6 years, and there are a lot of prewritten adventures out so far. There have been ups and downs throughout the years. This thread is to discuss the adventures, their flaws and strengths, and to rank them. All of this is opinion based, there's obviously no right...