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  1. Troy70

    The KIingons Are Here!

    I plan to order this soon. It will be fun to play a Klingon.
  2. Troy70

    Gen Con 2020 Is Cancelled

    I for one is glad they did this for people safety.
  3. Troy70

    Paizo Paizocon 2020 Is Cancelled

    I'm glad they are playing safe.
  4. Troy70

    Modiphius To Produce Homeworld RPG

    Cool, I enjoy the 2d20 system.
  5. Troy70

    PF2E Paizo Announces Pathfinder 2nd Edition!

    Cool can't wait to get my hands on this.
  6. Troy70

    4E Cloth 4E Dark Sun Map - I have one

    Nice, I would like to have one too. So I can hang in my computer room.
  7. Troy70

    4E 4E Dragonborn: What Do We Know About Them?

    I look foward to trying them out.