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    General D&D books and why we love them

    I have read a few posts about PDFs for D&D and WOTC's choice to stick with printed books. I was under the impression that younger generations preferred digital books (e-books or PDFs) over physical copies, however I recently stumbled on this article... granted it is old, roughly 3 years, but it...
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    5E Rule Fails and Failing Rules!

    After reading some of the ideas in the DMG I found one very intriguing... Success at a cost on pg. 242. It was a blast but after a more attentive reading I realized how badly, I had it screwed it up. To begin I read rolling a 1 (critical failure) instead of missing by a 1 or 2. It allows the...
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    5E Multiclassing... in or out?

    I ran a short series of 3.5 adventures for my nephews and houseruled no multiclassing as they were new to D&D at the time. I am likely switching to 5E soon and having them create new characters. I will likely rule multiclassing out to hold down options until they are slightly used to the feel of...