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  1. TrueBagelMan

    UA UA feats, are they trying to allow people to not have to multiclass to get class abilities?

  2. TrueBagelMan

    5E Adding Psychic Glamour (Kalashtar question)

    So can someone explain why Kalashtar get Psychic Glamour? It just seems out of place in my opinion.Why do they get this racial trait? I first thought it was how it sounds, you use your psychic abilities to mess with minds, but then why is insight on the list? Are people’s lies more noticeable...
  3. TrueBagelMan

    5E Wild Card Rogue, Is it balanced?

    Title https://www.dndbeyond.com/classes/rogue At the bottom of page in subclasses.
  4. TrueBagelMan

    5E Booming Blade question

    If I used a short sword and had booming blade and spell sniper can I attack someone from 10ft away or would I need to use a whip?
  5. TrueBagelMan

    5E Wording of Hex Warrior

    So I was looking at Hex Warrior. At 1st level you can touch one weapon after a long rest and you can use CHA instead of STR or DEX until the end of your next long rest. After a long rest you can do this again. Now if you get Pact of The Blade can I summon my pact weapon with CHA and choose a...
  6. TrueBagelMan

    5E Savage Attacking Rogue

    Current Feat: Savage Attacker Once per turn when you roll damage for a melee weapon attack, you can reroll the weapon's damage dice and use either total. Fix Savage Attacker Once per turn when you roll damage for a weapon attack, you can reroll the weapon’s damage dice and use either total...
  7. TrueBagelMan

    5E How Powerful is the Yuan-Ti Pureblood PC race?

    I have heard this race is powerful and I want to know why.
  8. TrueBagelMan

    5E Aberrant Mark, Why only the sorcerer spell list?

    So I saw the Aberrant Mark feat and saw that only sorcerer spells can be chosen. So I looked at other spell lists to see why this was the case. So the only thing I could think of was a dwarf fighter with this feat. Dwarfs get a +2 to CON and don’t need strength for heavy armor. With the feat a...
  9. TrueBagelMan

    5E Command Words

    So I want to make a list of words that can be used for Command and if your DMs have allowed them. List of Command Words Grovel Drop Flee Wear (Throw them Manacles.) Now they can’t do anything unless they succeed on a DC 20 STR or DEX check, or 15 Thieves Tools. Vomit (swallowed characters)...
  10. TrueBagelMan

    5E Feats that allow you to become a quarter caster?

    TL;DR PC wants to create a system where you use feats to get access to more spells. Need to know if this is balanced. Feat: Magic Adept Prerequisite: Magic Initiate Feat, 8th level You have trained to be better in magic then you already are. You gain access to a 1st and 2nd level from the same...
  11. TrueBagelMan

    5E DnD Beyond, How would I add proficiency gained from a subclass or an extra cantrip?

    Title, I created a subclass for Rogues way back when and I was wondering how to implement it into DnD Beyond with the extra proficiencies without me having to do it manually. Same thing, how do I add the option of cantrips such how a nature Cleric can choose a Druid cantrip or Brightlock has...
  12. TrueBagelMan

    5E Making Sneak Attack allow more weapons

    Should Rogues be allowed to use weapons that are not limited to fineness or ranged? If so how would it be worded so nothing breaks? Sneak Attack When you use Sneak Attack the damage die of the weapon is replaced with a d6. The weapon can’t be wielded in two hands or have the two handed property...
  13. TrueBagelMan

    5E Bow Expert Feat

    TL;DR Feat: Bow Expert “You have had extensive training with bows of most types that don’t have a mechanical mechanism to them. You have mastered the range of the weapon to it’s fullest.” •You ignore the heavy properties of bows you wield. •The range of both ranges of the bow is doubled. •When...
  14. TrueBagelMan

    5E Racial Feats for Shifter race

    Strengthened Shifter “You have learned to stretch out the instability of your Shifting Form to be able to last longer.” • One ability score of your choice increases by 1 to a maximum of 20. • You gain a second use of your Shifted Form. You regain this second use on a long rest. That’s the only...
  15. TrueBagelMan

    5E Returning Weapon + Enhanced Weapon?

    TL;DR does Returning Weapon and Enhanced Weapon stack? So I was looking through Artificer since one of my players wants to play one. I saw that one weapon could have returning weapon and enhanced weapon on the same one. My question is do the +1s stack? I don’t see any rules saying anything...
  16. TrueBagelMan

    5E College of Leadership Homebrew

    https://i.redd.it/gnnavcz0o1e01.png So I have never seen in homebrew or official source material, but in this it says you don’t gain proficiency in shields, so this would be my question, is there a place in a DnD official book where something has them not together and would it upset the balance...
  17. TrueBagelMan

    5E Formula for creating Warlock invocations

    So for warlock invocations I think there is a pattern for the invocations that give you a spell. From looking at it I noticed the following: •The Invocation must be of a level you can cast, otherwise it must have a level requirement for the Invocation. •The spell can not heal, or deal damage...
  18. TrueBagelMan

    5E Raven Queen Pact of The Chain

    So I was looking at UA and saw Raven Queen warlock. I was looking it over and I saw something interesting about the Sentinel Raven. It isn’t a familiar. This means if you take Pact of The Chain you get two familiars. Then if you get Invisibility you can cast it on the Sentinel Raven making it...
  19. TrueBagelMan

    5E Rogue’s Aim+Mount

    Cunning Action: Aim 2nd-level rogue feature (enhances Cunning Action) You gain an additional way to use your Cunning Action: carefully aiming your next attack. As a bonus action, you give yourself advantage on your next attack roll on the current turn. You can use this bonus action only if you...