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  1. Mark Sabalauskas

    Why are sci-fi scenarios so thin on the ground?

    I'm writing (and commissioning) adventures for my space opera RPG, because I think adventures are important part of the genre. But I suspect the more sensible thing for an niche indie creator to do is publish more games, not adventures. Also, to build off of the point about SF settings and...
  2. Mark Sabalauskas

    Metaplots: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

    If a game is based on a licence from living fiction in another medium, forward plot momentum will happen regardless--the only question is if the designers and/or the players will deal with it or how. Constraints not dissimilar to metaplots (at least in terms of tables needing to account for...
  3. Mark Sabalauskas

    170+ TTRPGs in itch.io Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality (Lancer, Troika, BitD; also my stuff and #RPGSEA games)

    It is worth noting that there is a backlog of several hundred additional games yet to be added to the bundle, beyond the 700 there now.
  4. Mark Sabalauskas

    Miss going to cons? Here's a free simple RPG celebrating them.

    Do you miss going to cons? Me too. That’s why I created A Fun Time at Con a free story creation game that celebrates gathering with other fans, with the twist that you’re playing space opera heroes arriving back home at your post-scarcity utopia after your adventures, and enjoying your shore...
  5. Mark Sabalauskas

    Star Trek Picard SPOILERS thread

    Of course, if they hadn't resolved this, we'd have had to endure endless "speculation" about the next season or, more realistically, the resolution would arrive in the form of p/r related to Stewart filming season 2. This was a cheap poke at emotions tied to really opaque themematic concerns...
  6. Mark Sabalauskas

    Besides D&D, what are you playing?

    I have a Damn the Man Save the Music one shot scheduled for Wednesday, and a Fate game a little bit later. Both should be light enough to play with voice channel on a Discord, with a Google doc for notes.
  7. Mark Sabalauskas

    Release SciFi RPG about optimistic explorations and adventures released this weekend: Return to the Stars

    Sharing that I’ve just released Return to the Stars: a hopepunk space opera RPG powered by Fate. The players of Return to the Stars are a new generation of geeks — makers, genetically enhanced cosplayers, scientists, and pop culture enthusiasts setting out on an adventure of exploration and...