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    On the Dodge Action

    On another thread, a poster stated that he used the dodge action “all the time and its awesome”, I thought that using your action to dodge was a waste of an action and stated my belief that in all the years of playing I have only seen it used 4-5 times. I asked to claimant to start a dodge...
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    Healing Rules changes playtest

    I made a few changes to healing rules in 5e and have taken two groups of 4 from 1-10 level with them and are still going. Simple things that are better IMO, that smoothed our healing process and were more “realistic.” I always thought 4e had a good idea with healing surges, healing based off...
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    Character Optimization through play.

    I have enjoyed and contributed to these boards for a while, and wanted to start a thread on the general topic that I see everywhere but should have its own thread, PC optimization while at the table. I will start at list, but of course if anyone has a better idea on how to organize it please...