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  1. DOBImanzarentevil

    5E PC wants to be a Nature Rogue

    They would still need Dexterity for AC, initiative, Acrobatics still.
  2. DOBImanzarentevil

    5E PC wants to be a Nature Rogue

    TL;DR, PC wants Shillelagh modified so he can use sneak attack with it. His question is if he can get Magic Stone and Shillelagh for his rogue/Druid build should allow him to use Wisdom instead of Dexterity if he used wooden daggers so he could use sneak attack with Shillelagh. She just wants to...
  3. DOBImanzarentevil

    5E Curse of Strahd Story 1

    The story starts off with the silvery mist sweeping us into Barovia. We all find ourselves in front of a town gate wondering what the hell just happened. There are three characters at this point. Plummet the Moon Druid, Topaz the Fighter/Warlock multiclass, and me, Bazel the sorcerer/warlock...
  4. DOBImanzarentevil

    5E Curse of Strahd Story 2

    If you want to read these story’s in order I recommend to wait for part 1 to be up. We went to the winery going down to the cellar. There was someone that ran across the room to try and hide. My first reaction was to cast Eldritch Blast. Nat 20. So we have a houserule for Eldritch Blast being...
  5. DOBImanzarentevil

    5E None

    Are the gifts that the characters receive in puffin forests Replay episodes part of the book? I mean the dryad and beholder abilities that they get after they die.