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  1. Keefe the Thief

    WotC Older D&D Books on DMs Guild Now Have A Disclaimer

    I'm not surprised by anything anymore when it comes to people defending stupid stereotypes. "It's just SJWs trying to destroy tradition", "You hate it, stop destroying it" - I've heard it all, and now it's time to draw a line. If ´´ people insist on continuing to ingest their racist...
  2. Keefe the Thief

    WotC Older D&D Books on DMs Guild Now Have A Disclaimer

    A necessary and long-overdue change that really hurts nobody. Sad that people have to die before something like this is implemented. I mean, it's not that everybody has suddenly be going "huch, racism??? in my D&D?" when reading those old modules without something triggering a reaction...
  3. Keefe the Thief

    5E Brainstorm - stories to tell with WotC's new position on various folk (fka "race")

    You know, I thought for 10 minutes straight how to react to this post, how to deal with the fact that no one else has called you out. So I'll just say: congratulations. You took one of the most serious topics of these last few weeks and turned it into a drive-by joke. In a D&D thread about being...
  4. Keefe the Thief

    5E Orion Black No Longer a D&D Designer [UPDATED!]

    This is a slipperly slope - saying "if we start with this, someone else will start to talk about something else". I mean, who cares? Discussion is discussion. Why not have a discussion about solving problems with violence in D&D? Why not talk about depicting madness in RPGs? Raising flags is a...
  5. Keefe the Thief

    General WotC’s Official Announcement About Diversity, Races, and D&D

    This was an important, long overdue statement. The state some hobbies are in right now is both disappointing and frightening. Some forums I've visited in the past have turned into hellholes were any gamer or designer who wants to discuss diversity and stereotyping is viciously attacked. I've...
  6. Keefe the Thief

    WotC Peter Adkison on the Origins of WotC

    I still remember that parody article in the old Wunderwelten magazine about a former RPG player who gets into Magic once it comes out and sells everything and basically lives just with and for his cards. Also, was there ever a new edition of Everway? Such a novel concept.
  7. Keefe the Thief

    PF2E Here's The Official Pathfinder 2E Character Sheet

    Looking at the Armor Class section with all the little tick boxes gave me Rolemaster flashbacks. Or perhaps The Dark Eye with hit locations (yes I know they are not hit locations here). And I would've never thought I could be scared of feats, but here we are. Now I wonder if there are not...
  8. Keefe the Thief

    5E The Final Announcement from The Descent Live Stream: Eberron Hardcover

    I'll buy two. And I already own the old campaign settings AND the wayfinders guide.
  9. Keefe the Thief

    WotC D&D's Best Year Ever - But Hasbro's Goal Is For D&D e-Sports

    I love it when new information pops up that invalidates the original take on something but people just come in, read the OP and post anyway. "Guys he didn't actually mean D&D when he said esport!" "Something something Leage of Legends!" ... Though I would kill for a D&D-themed map for DOTA...
  10. Keefe the Thief

    WotC D&D's Best Year Ever - But Hasbro's Goal Is For D&D e-Sports

    That reminds my of my old boss who resided at the top of our building. Once a year, he would get "I'm your friend" boss syndrome and wander around the building aimlessly, talking to surprised and frightened employees. He always told everyone those strategy bits that had nothing to do with their...
  11. Keefe the Thief


    I have been following this thread for quite some time and have to ask - when will we be able to buy all these monsters as a compilation from the Dungeon Masters Guild? :) Thanks for your hard work!
  12. Keefe the Thief

    Pledge money and Colin McComb will say sorry for writing the Complete Book of Elves

    http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/inxile/torment-tides-of-numenera Isn't that the best stretch goal for a video game ever? I mean, as a roleplayer, you were going to kickstart Torment: Tales of Numenera anyway, right? Being in the spirit of Planescape:Torment, using Monte Cook's setting (who...
  13. Keefe the Thief

    3E/3.5 More 1E and 3.5 Reprints

    The spell compendium has a bunch of over the top spells, but it is also one of the most comprehensive and well put together D&D spell libraries ever published. Online-teethgnashing nonwithstanding.
  14. Keefe the Thief

    4E WotC this is something you absolutely cannot screw up in 5E like you screwed up in 4E

    :uhoh: I... totally knew that. I did. Rex, king of Macetail Behemoths will vouch for it.
  15. Keefe the Thief

    4E WotC this is something you absolutely cannot screw up in 5E like you screwed up in 4E

    I prefer greek names, and i want a proper identification of the relationships between the different dinosaurs this time. No longer calling the members of the family of the Tyrannosauridae and it's subgroup the Albertosaurinae simply "dinosaurs". Also, most of the TRexes depicted in D&D are...
  16. Keefe the Thief

    1E Multiple D&D Next visual themes: BECMI Red Box, 1e Orange Spine, etc.

    The most effective way to cement the split of the playerbase - D&D players and DMs staring with hate and aloofness at you if the spine of the book you are carrying has the wrong color. Dragonsfooters shouting "copycat" at you in your FLGS. Whispered comments at the gaming table: "he thinks...
  17. Keefe the Thief

    Bring back the exposed boots on the monsters!

    Seriously, do you remember the Dryad debacle? A good-looking woman able to wear boots, redesigned into a four-legged tree...thing without feet? Do you remember when gnomes suddenly had to wear robes, hiding their 14-holer badger-stompers (TM)? When belts suddenly became trousers or skirts...
  18. Keefe the Thief

    4E iPlay4e Live now in the App Store and works offline

    I'd request an android version, too, but i already did that in the RPG.net thread.
  19. Keefe the Thief

    1E Thinking of bringing my 1e AD&D DMG to my 4e game.

    You're not crazy. I never did it, but bringing creative DM tools to the table is always ok. I personally would scan the pages i need and create a kind of "DM portfolio" in .pdf which is easy to expand with other, similar resources. Forex, some of the ideas in the old stronghold builders...
  20. Keefe the Thief

    Why is there no talk about the Castle Keepers Guide preview?

    Sorry if this belongs into another forum, i really wasn't sure were to put it. But... isn't this news? I mean, it is news to me. And when i say news, i mean i can't stop laughing. You can check out the RPG.net thread here, if you want. Let me just use one thing to bring you up to speed...