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  1. JeffB

    5E What would be your Greyhawk "Adventure Path"?

    Not for publication by WOTC- but rather, which published Classic TSR Greyhawk adventures/modules would you use to do a "path" from levels 1-15 or so for a 5E campaign?
  2. JeffB

    5E Troll Lord Games 5e adventures

    Trolls are having a bundle sale on 5e mods and a splat. http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/221504/5e--BUNDLE?src=sub I can highly recommend the adventures, I have and have used the majority of them in their original C&C versions. They are small-ish sandboxes with side...
  3. JeffB

    PF And we have a Starfinder SRD site up

    Not the official one (that is due in the Fall according to Paizo). But a serviceable one from the same fellow who does all the other great SRD sites like 5e, PF, 13A,S&W, DW, yadda yadda yadda... http://www.starfindersrd.com
  4. JeffB

    PF Announced at GenCon...Return of the Runelords

    New AP. Saw someone from Paizo tweeting about it. Any "official" scoop yet?
  5. JeffB

    Awesome interview with Jay Little (designer FFG SW, Modiphius 2d20, WH3e)

    Great interview with Jay about his narrative dice mechanic games like 2d20, FFG StarWars and WH3e, game design, play advice, etc. No youtube tags on the forum software to embed the video? https://youtu.be/yAFYrKOcjN8
  6. JeffB

    Dawn of Rebellion coming for FFG Star Wars

    This is awesome. I love the show. Edit- has stuff from Rogue One as well. Dawn of Rebellion/
  7. JeffB

    5E Marilith- Opinions on Teleporting....

    with a grappled character?...5E just says she can teleport with equipment/stuff carried. No other mention. I'm fine with making a ruling, but wondering what others think. I'm leaning towards "yes" for my ruling. She's an iconic bad ass demon-lady with 20 feet of tail. Whats a couple hundred...
  8. JeffB

    5E Anyone used the chase rules in the DMG yet?

    They look pretty straightforward, but wondering about experiences/pitfalls(npi)/things to be aware of that may not seem obvious to my addled mind.
  9. JeffB

    5E HELP- High level Campaign ending somewhat epic adventure needed!

    Sadly, my Son and all his friends go off to College at the end of summer and our gaming will be ending. Likely, permanently. :wahhh: We have been playing FFG SW lately, and having a blast, but the Kids want to end their long running D&D character's careers with an epic adventure of sorts...
  10. JeffB

    OSR 13 adventures, 2 sourcebooks and a PHB Bundle- Last day

    Did not see this posted. Last day of the C&C mega bundle sale on drivethru BUNDLEAGE All the A series adventures, Bluffiside, Runelore, and a PHB for $30. The adventures alone are worth it (I own them all in print). Easily adaptable to 5e or O/TSR edition of your choice. Not affiliated...
  11. JeffB

    FFG STAR WARS....Revisited

    So a few threads down we have my thread from 3 years ago asking about the system and some discussion of FFG vs. other systems, and eventually nerd arguments that derailed things. :yawn: I have remained intrigued about the dice mechanic/system as I like narrative style games where dice take...
  12. JeffB

    5E How many rounds of combat is too much?

    ? I have found with my group, that even if rounds go by quickly(as they often do in 5e or TSR/OSR versions of the game) around/after the 4th round the players start to get a little annoyed/antsy for the combat to just be over and get on with the adventure. We played a 5e adventure last Sunday...
  13. JeffB

    PSA- Troll Lord Games 99 cent PRINT adventure sale

    edit- PRINT COPIES, not PDF. Pretty much everything for C&C and also includes the A series modules they have converted so far to 5E- A0-A6. 48 hours only I believe.. TLG STORE LINK
  14. JeffB

    PSA- All TLG C&C modules on sale for 99 cents each.

    In the Troll Lords PDF store. Easily converted to old and new D&D :) LINKAGE Im pissed cause I missed the same sale on print versions yesterday, but ... Not affiliated, just passing along the word as the sale only runs 24 hours.
  15. JeffB

    4E Opinions on good 1st level 4e adventure

    Going to be running a game again soon for the "kids" group (16-17 yo), and there will be 1 or 2 new players, along with 2 experienced players. I will likely give the newbies a pc power level equivalent to a "companion character" ala dmg2 so as to not overwhelm them with choices at first. The...
  16. JeffB

    5E Assault on Blacktooth Ridge for 5e

    Now available on drivethru http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/169877&affiliate_id=121555 One week only @ 2.99. I have the C&C version. Fun little sandbox starter.
  17. JeffB

    5E Saltmarsh?

    Anyone done a conversion ? And by Saltmarsh, I mean U1, not the town proper. I would run U1 as it's own thing without the followup of U2/U3 (they never really floated my boat). I don't have the book in front of me, but I'm thinking I might be able to do most of it on the fly if no-one has...
  18. JeffB

    5E Over the top, Action Packed, one-shot.

    I need one for a last minute game that got scheduled for the weekend....Any ideas? I'm not concerned about edition or even if it's a D&D variant, just wanting to find an adventure that starts right in the action, goes pretty non-stop, and can be played in 4-5 hours or so. An escape..or a...
  19. JeffB

    5E Quests of Doom 2

    Frog God is releasing another book of 5e adventures(look to be some S&W conversions at least). They are doing a pre-order system instead of Kickstarter as they want to test it out and are keeping this print run small LINK