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  1. Esker

    5E Adamantine and the Shield spell

    Normally a natural 20 on an attack roll automatically hits, regardless of the modified value and the targets AC. This also means that abilities or spells that boost AC (such as the Shield spell), along with abilities that dock the attack roll after the fact (Cutting Words, Bane, etc.) are...
  2. Esker

    Shield as Hex Weapon?

    tl;dr: Can a Hexblade with the tavern brawler feat make their shield their hex weapon? The Hex Warrior property requires a weapon you are proficient with that lacks the two-handed property. Tavern brawler makes you proficient with improvised weapons, which includes a shield used to bash. But...
  3. Esker

    5E Building a Bard Using Some Crazy Starting Stats

    I had a bard that I was really enjoying playing in a campaign that unfortunately fizzled out, so I'm putting a new bard together for a campaign that's just getting started. The old bard was a pretty standard half-elf valor bard. I'm thinking the new one will be a changeling that met my other...
  4. Esker

    5E Monoclass DPR Comparison: Eldritch Knight Archer vs Melee Arcane Trickster

    I see a lot of online discussion of different DPR-oriented builds that implicitly or explicitly accept some conventional wisdom about certain classes or feats being required to be optimized. I've read more than once statements to the effect that top tier DPR is reserved for builds with either...
  5. Esker

    5E Valor Bard in an Unconventional Small Party

    Half-elf valor bard, level 3, with the following stats: STR 8 DEX 16 CON 14 INT 8 WIS 12 CHA 17 Expertise: Persuasion, Deception In a three-character party with an aarakocra kensei monk and a rock gnome abjuration wizard. My original intent for this character was to focus on support...
  6. Esker

    5E Yet Another Arcane Trickster / Bladesinger Thread: The Concentration Problem

    I've got an Eladrin (DMG variant) Arcane Trickster 6/Bladesinger 5 who uses Shadow Blade + Booming Blade for offense (mixing in the occasional Tasha's Hideous Laughter or Web in place of Shadow Blade), Mirror Image + Bladesong + Shield/Absorb Elements/Uncanny Dodge for defense, and is an...
  7. Esker

    5E Balancing a Homebrew AoE Stun Spell

    I'd like to homebrew a 3rd level "God Wizard" counterpart to fireball: a non-concentration AoE that debuffs instead of doing damage. I am thinking something along the lines of a "psychic blast" whose mechanics are something like: "Each creature in a X radius from a point you can see in range...
  8. Esker

    5E Arcane Trickster / Wizard: Diviner or Bladesinger? Ranged or Melee?

    My DM had been running two different tables over the summer, and we recently decided to merge to form one big group. We had our first session together over the weekend and RPed out our characters meeting each other, before happening into a big arena battle where we had to defeat a hill giant...
  9. Esker

    5E Lore Bard Debuffer: Spell Selection and Choice of Dip

    I'm trying to plan out a lore bard who emphasizes debuffs and control, with the occasional healing word for emergencies (basically only to bring up an ally from unconscious) and stays out of melee when possible. There is a life cleric and a wizard in the party, so healing and ritual/utility...