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  1. Bitbrain

    (5e Eberron) any monsters associated with the Mournland?

    A few weeks ago, I started an Eberron campaign. Currently, the players are exploring one of the islands off the coast of Aerenal, but they will eventually be heading for the Mournland. My question is, are there any monsters from 3.5 or 4th edition D&D specifically associated with the...
  2. Bitbrain

    Is this overpowered? 5e Psionic Sorcerer Sub-class

    It's no secret that I like Dark Sun, enough so that my home setting can be described as "Dark Sun meets Dragonlance". anyway, earlier week I had something of a breakthrough regarding psionics, and whipped up the following: PSION (SORCERER) Psionic sorcerers trace their magic not to some...
  3. Bitbrain

    5E Help with a homebrew Paladin sub-class

    EDIT: Thanks to everyone's helpful advice, I have finalized the Oath of the Dragon. What do you think? Is it something you would allow at your games? Oath of the Dragon (5e Paladin Sacred Oath) This homebrew sub-class was primarily influenced by: the film How to Train Your Dragon internet...