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  1. FreeTheSlaves

    Paladin just committed murder - what should happen next?

    I don't plan specific outs with my encounters, I reckon that's up to the players to figure out. That's what I'd want if I were a player, open slather freedom to respond in character to whatever encountered. And sure, if I were playing a LG Paladin of Devotion in impossible circumstances (very...
  2. FreeTheSlaves

    Paladin just committed murder - what should happen next?

    As a DM I'd do very little. Get the player to check the oath I suppose. There could be reputation repercussions, but even then, a dragon is fearsome. The other characters and friendly NPCs might have an opinion, which some might air. The player might have their character feel conflicted...
  3. FreeTheSlaves

    Speed buffs and Fly

    PHB pg190 refers to speed as a measurement of a combination of walking, swimming, climbing and jumping. No reference to flying... I think we've hit a rule with legitimate arguments both ways. 1) Plain reading adds bonus speed on all modes. The omission of flight on pg190 simply reflects that no...
  4. FreeTheSlaves

    Speed buffs and Fly

    What if a second caster cast Haste on someone under the Fly spell? Would their fly speed double to 120'??
  5. FreeTheSlaves

    Speed buffs and Fly

    Good points all round. Thanks guys. I've ruled they stack, but the Fly spell is quite specific about the speed it grants.
  6. FreeTheSlaves

    Speed buffs and Fly

    Here's a simple question. Barbarian fast movement (BFM) increases speed by 10' while not heavily encumbered. Wizard casts Fly on Barbarian, giving him a 60' fly speed. Does BFM boost it to 70'?
  7. FreeTheSlaves

    5E Customizing a Deep Gnome (Svirfneblin) Druid

    Hi all, One of my players wants to play a Deep Gnome (Svirfneblin) Druid - either Circle of the Moon or Land. For Circle of the Moon the player would like his character to be able to wild shape into fungi and underdark creatures, rather than snakes and bears. Has anyone come across this? He'd...
  8. FreeTheSlaves

    5E Characters using traps - issues?

    Hi all. I ran a game the other day and the players used a bunch of traps - to good effect I thought. They set hunters traps and a line of unlit oil in a breach in a wall and later, their 2nd level PCs fought off a trio of bugbears there, taking minimal damage. Two bugbears were caught in the...
  9. FreeTheSlaves

    5E How good is the default Paladin at mounted combat?

    I see the noble background doesn't give animal handling nor is it included in the Paladin skills. So what gives? Is the default Paladin going to have to buy a military saddle, strap in and otherwise bounce around the battlefield all Don Quixote?
  10. FreeTheSlaves

    5E Humans ability increase and level ability increases

    With the character sheet preview I have been thinking about the Human racial trait, the default ability score array, and level boosts, specifically how they all interact. First the default array. It has been bumped down slightly to 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8 and as such using this and picking Human...
  11. FreeTheSlaves

    5E Flat math ability scores vs roleplay considerations

    One of the consequences of the new flat math / emphasis on ability scores is that in D&DN the scores are an amalgamation of raw talent and developed skill. Fine so far? Good. Well now I've got a wee problem, stats go up by level and naturally the prime stat is going to approach the 20 ceiling...
  12. FreeTheSlaves

    Mental saves

    Ok I'm still a bit at a loss on what's going on with int/wis/cha saves. There seems to a be a bit of a mish/mash on what saves against what and that's coupled with wisdom seemingly the stat that really matters. I am aware of the pitfalls of enforced symmetry, but how about splitting the saves...
  13. FreeTheSlaves

    Useful aspects of Alignment in D&DN

    I'd like to explore the areas where alignment is most useful in a practical sense. Sure I've got my own ideas but, yeah, just want to know what other people think. Disclaimer - I'm taking it as a given that alignment is an option that can be removed by players that don't want to use it. The...
  14. FreeTheSlaves

    Stat bumps from level increase

    I've been toying with an idea that stat bumps could be the player 'rolling it' instead of a set +1 per X levels to however many stats. Something along the lines of rolling 4d6dl for a stat and if you beat it, it increases. Anybody thought of a developed system along these lines?
  15. FreeTheSlaves

    If 4d6dl is the baseline, what's the PB/Array?

    As the title, if 4d6dl is the D&D Next baseline, what's the equivalent Point buy & Array? Point Buy is customizable so I'd imagine the flexibility would create a slight discount compared to a default array. I'm aware this wasn't the case in 3E/4E, so maybe I'm off with the fairies with this one?
  16. FreeTheSlaves

    Where's the lance?

    I don't own so many supplementary books nor subscribe, so is it out there officially? Cheers :)
  17. FreeTheSlaves

    Shield spec. & imp defences

    Quick question folks, Looking specifically at the ref bonus from shield spec, that hasn't been changed from a feat bonus has it? The books I've got show it doesn't stack with imp defences.
  18. FreeTheSlaves

    Move 6 then move 2 and hide without penalty?

    As the title say. Got a player pull this doozy ;) His character used a move action to move 6, then another move action to move 2, and hid as part of the second move. Does he suffer the -5 penalty to stealth or not?
  19. FreeTheSlaves

    Essentials Paladin/Cavalier??

    Hi all, The one big thing I want to hear is all about the upcoming Paladin/Cavalier. What do we know (or guess) about this?? My hope is a str/cha build with the bad case of MAD finally cured. Seriously, the Paladin has been needing stats stretched everywhere since go. Beats me how they're...
  20. FreeTheSlaves

    How can a Warlock be a prisoner?

    Hi all, The character of a new player is a human Infernal Warlock (level 3, no equipment) who is a soon to be rescued prisoner of a more powerful Warlock. The question is, how can you keep a Warlock prisoner when the game no longer has vocal, somatic & material components? It seems to me that...