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  1. digitalelf

    2E Yoga & trivia profs?

    By the rules, Bards don't receive any bonuses to NWP... That being said, I would probably give them the NWP for free in lieu of a bonus... Barring that, I wouldn't give anything more than a +2 bonus.
  2. digitalelf

    3.5 Question about languages in d&d 1e through 3.5

    Dragon Magazine #66 (October, 1982) has an article that is pretty much exactly what you are looking for! The article is: "Language rules leave lots of room for creativity in your campaign" It has three language trees; One showing how the faerie tongue is the root of elvish and a few other...
  3. digitalelf

    3.5 Question about languages in d&d 1e through 3.5

    Greyhawk Player's Guide (2e) goes into more detail about each of the languages Turgenev cites above. The Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting book (3e) lists in addition to the various core 3e language, several human regional tongues and their relationships between the other languages.
  4. digitalelf

    Goblins Eat Pickles???

    More football shaped than round really. Think Stewie from Family Guy.
  5. digitalelf

    Goblins Eat Pickles???

    The very first Paizo AP, in the first book (Rise of the Rune Lords: Burnt Offerings - book 1 of 6), it had an encounter where the goblins were eating pickles stolen from the pantry within their lair. Back then, Paizo products were written for 3.5 D&D.
  6. digitalelf

    XP for Absent Players

    Yeah, I don't give XP for missed sessions. And I will never understand all this non-sense about "missing a session is its own punishment". But whatever... YMMV and all of that. I run 2nd edition AD&D games. This is what XP is in a 2nd edition AD&D game: This is of course in addition to XP...
  7. digitalelf

    D&D 6th edition - What do you want to see?

    This was one of the myriad of reasons why I did not convert to 4th edition from 3rd edition (as well as a part in why I abandoned Pathfinder RPG). But instead of sticking with 3rd edition, I went back to 2nd edition AD&D. :geek:
  8. digitalelf

    Roman Campaign needs

    Yeah, it doesn't look like you'll find anything 5th edition specific. So you'll have to work with converting older edition stuff... Which seems to be somewhat plentiful. :) 3rd edition had two interesting settings from Green Ronin (in their Mythic Vistas line): 1. Testament (while not laser...
  9. digitalelf

    Has online play changed your DM style?

    I absolutely continue to use handouts... Using appropriate backgrounds (parchment, sail-cloth, wood, stone, etc.) as needed. I was just saying that my style of DMing only changed in that my handouts are now electronic, rather than physical. ;)
  10. digitalelf

    Has online play changed your DM style?

    The biggest change is that I am not able to use physical handouts... For example, drawing "treasure maps" in charcoal on "duck-cloth" to represent canvas/sail cloth, or hand-written letters on real parchment, etc.
  11. digitalelf

    Setting Idea: Arcane Dyson Sphere

    Yes, and the module reflects that by saying that unprotected characters receive 5d6 points of damage per round from the cold. That is however, while the characters are "in space", for once the characters are on the surface of the structure, there is no more mention of the cold, or any need to...