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    5E Pact of the Quill

    Any suggestions for a Pact of the Quill and invocations for it?
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    5E Where to Now?

    We have crossed the 5 year line, the rules are stable so where to now? My thought would be to revisit an undelivered goal from the beginning modularity. The recent UA that provided alternate class features showed that modular rule packs can be used to alter the game system without undue damage...
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    5E Finished Psion Homebrews?

    Has anyone tried to homebrew a full version of the Psion that was being worked on in Happy Hour? If so can we have a look please?
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    5E Using The Battlesmith's Iron Defender as a Mount

    One of my players who is playing a Gnome Artificer Battlesmith wants to use his Iron Defender as a mount. I can see that whilst it was not intended, doing so is not against the mount rules. Should I say yes and run with it or say no and under what grounds?
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    WotC Is Mike Mearls Happy Hour still a thing?

    Is Mike Mearls Happy Hour still a thing? Or has he gone into hiding after the controversy of late?
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    Spell Stained Environment

    I am getting ready to start a new campaign in a post war setting. An idea I have is called Spell Stained Environment. Basically they areas where a specific spell has been cast in an area on mass repeatedly and causes the spell to spontaneously occur in the area. Outside of combat I was...
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    Animal Companion Fix thoughts

    I was wondering if a properly crafted Find companion Spell ala Find Steed and Familiar would be a good way of dealing with the Ranger companion. Should the spell improve with a higher level slot or should a Greater version be made. I imagine it would be a 1st level spell so the Magic Initiate...
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    Tactical zone.....not sure if I like or not?

    I just finished watch the happy hour video on MM idea for the Warlord Fighter subclass. I am not sure what to think of the tactical zone idea that he came up with. Is it good bad, is it restrictive, does it add depth......I don't know how I feel about it??? I would be interested in hearing other...
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    Fighting Styles A Missed Opportunity

    In hindsight I believe that fighting styles have been a missed opportunity in that more could be easily added to ad more flavour into weapon using classes and provide new add in mechanics without having to go fully into a subclass but provide a little more crunch than a background. Thoughts...
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    5E The Fighter Extra Feat Fallacy

    Many Posts since the release of 5e have brought up some shortcomings of the Fighter design. Raising these concerns is usually met with the sage advice "The Fighter gets two extra feats use them to fix the issue". Other classes are out damaging the Fighter - Use your extra feats My Fighter can't...
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    5E Any ideas for Rot and Ruin Domains?

    Any ideas for Rot and Ruin Domains? Need for homebrew campaign thought I would see what ideas are floating about. Thanks in advance.
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    5E Racial Deities

    What are peoples thoughts on racial deities? Are they good or bad and why. Pro and Cons. Do they add anything worthwhile flavorwise?
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    5E Some thoughts on fighting styles

    Most of the fighting styles are generally thought of as worthwhile for what they do except for Protection. How could Protection style be remodelled to better represent and be effective as other styles? After the last UA on skill feats it got me thinking about style feats that improve/further a...
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    5E How much Upfront?

    When homebrewing a class or judging a new class either from WotC or a 3pp how much do you believe should go in the first 1-2 levels? How much should multiclassing be taken into consideration or ignored? This may lead into what is more important identity/flavour or balance. What is your opinion?
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    5E Looking for 5e Adventures

    Does anyone know of any good exploration or new world type 5e adventures?
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    5E Listened to latest "Lore you should know" and......

    Listened to latest "Lore you should know" and...... It was an absolute cop out. It was suppose to be about the current timeline in FR what was happening and where the adventures fitted in. Chris Perkins spent the whole time wobbelling on about that cannon is what you want it to be rather than...
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    5E The identify spell and cursed items

    I find myself unhappy about identify spells identifying that an item is cursed and what the curse is. Am I the only one unhappy with this? What have people done about this?
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    5E A matter of weapons

    I have often found myself wishing that my choice of weapon mattered more and that any choice of weapon had meaningful consequences other damage of D4, D6, D8, D10, D12 or 2D6 damage piercing, slashing or bludgeoning damage. I am not going to go into homebrew weapon system here (unless I get a...
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    5E Fire Giant Deities/Sponsors?

    Does anyone have any information on any deities Fire Giants follow or any being they tend to follow. Thanks in advance.
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    5E Fighter Survey Response

    So what did people have to say about the UA archetypes and the fighter in general in the survey? I basically said that the duopoly of the champion and Battlemaster combined with the flavourless mush that is weapons and armour (pretending to have meaningful choices) cramps out almost all design...