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    5E Chef vs Inspiring Leader

    How about a chef magic tradition.......The Pie-Romancer. :ROFLMAO:
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    5E Fighters should be the social class

    I love it when people say use a background. Now correct me if I'm wrong but which other class was it that could also do that? I remember....ALL OF THEM. Ditto for role playing and taking social feats.
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    5E Rename the Monster Manual

    Is the next step to remove the combat and weapon rules so we do not unfairly harm the OP's "not monsters"?
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    5E Pact of the Quill

    Secret Page would be a good invocation
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    5E Pact of the Quill

    Quill Pact The Warlock gains a quill the style and looks defined by the player when first received. The Warlock can use their quill to write a spell scroll containing any 1 spell up to a level one less than the highest they can cast min. Level 1. This scroll lasts until it is used or another...
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    5E Pact of the Quill

    One holds the other adds is the first thing that comes to mind. I was mainly fishing for some inspiration.
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    5E Pact of the Quill

    Any suggestions for a Pact of the Quill and invocations for it?
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    General Two underlying truths: D&D heritage and inclusivity

    I don't think there needs to be a in world change just a change in explanation in the real world. Instead of saying race XYZ is evil and leaving it at that. The designers need to delve in to the social, environmental, magical. religious forces acting upon the individuals that leads to the...
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    5E People didn't like the Psionic Talent Die

    It seems we have lost many a good/fun idea or mechanic from the initial playtest to now because of the lazy, the stupid and those that hate change.
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    5E Where to Now?

    We have crossed the 5 year line, the rules are stable so where to now? My thought would be to revisit an undelivered goal from the beginning modularity. The recent UA that provided alternate class features showed that modular rule packs can be used to alter the game system without undue damage...
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    5E All weapons doing d6?

    I imagine this idea is whole heartedly supported by the Spellcaster Supremacy Association. :censored:
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    5E Iuz the old 5e conversion.

    Look another self appointed thread cop. Should he of opened a new thread so another self important thread cop can tell him there is already a thread to use on this topic? Or just maybe if you have nought to add keep walking.
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    4E Is Multi-Attacking Really Control? A different Fireball

    At any rate it would be good control.
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    4E Is Multi-Attacking Really Control? A different Fireball

    Make it sound more magical and less science and it would work.
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    4E Is Multi-Attacking Really Control? A different Fireball

    Magnetize can mean repel as well as attract so you could up the control ability by providing choice.
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    4E Is Multi-Attacking Really Control? A different Fireball

    If you want stun just change it to a daily. As for magnetized that should be simple using combat adv and disadv ti you make your save.
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    4E Is Multi-Attacking Really Control? A different Fireball

    Fireball is simple in that you can force the purpose of an AOE by forced movement. LIghtening bolt stunned or Dazed are the obvious riders, maybe some sort of magnetized effect if wearing metal armour and any held metal items you and any such items are pulled or repelled from other sources of...
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    4E Is Multi-Attacking Really Control? A different Fireball

    Damage only AOE in 4e is only control when it has enough damage to make enemies want keep a part. Very few AOE provided that level of threat.
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    5E 16 More Details About Theros

    I have read a lot on how Theros is similar to Greek Mythology, but where does it differ?
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    5E Have we rebalanced the Champion Yet?

    I went with a simple add Proficiency bonus to weapon damage on a turn that the character uses action surge or second wind.