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  1. ahayford

    Alluria Publishing Not Fullfilling their Kickstarter Obligations

    Many months ago, I decided to support a small indie publisher who's campaign setting won an enie award. Cerulean Seas by Emily Kubisz — Kickstarter The Cerulean Seas book looked to have a unique setting and some really cool art, so I threw down the money for a printed copy of the setting. The...
  2. ahayford

    Reaper Miniatures Kickstarter

    Reaper Miniatures Bones: An Evolution Of Gaming Miniatures by Reaper Miniatures — Kickstarter Looks like they are trying to get a bunch of their metal line done in plastic. Looks like a pretty sweet deal if you are so inclined.
  3. ahayford

    Print on Demand Services

    Hey guys, As much as I love the variety of RPG material I can get in PDF form, for some things, I really enjoy having a physical copy of the book. I have tried out DriveThruRPG's print on demand service, and was very happy with the results. I recenetly looked at getting something from...
  4. ahayford

    PF1E Best 3rd Party Pathfinder AP's

    Hey guys, So, I'm a bit obsessed with adventure modules. I'm particularly into Adventure Paths. Its only recently that I've really started to branch out from official WoTC, and now Pathfinder published stuff. I've been amazed at the quality of some of the 3rd party products out there. Recently...
  5. ahayford

    [PF] Way of the Wicked - Golarian OOC

    Character Creation Guide: Step 1 Attributes: This campaign expects the players to be villains on an epic scale. 25 point buy Epic Fantasy build as described in Getting Started Step 2 Race: (from the campaign source) This is unchanged. All races in The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game are...
  6. ahayford

    [PF] Way of the Wicked - Golarian

    Cool winds and the scent of pine herald the waning summer and the coming of fall. Across the hamlets and villages of Talingarde, families are bringing in the summer harvest and preparing the stores for winter. The sweet scent of cider and the bite of pickling herbs fill every household with a...
  7. ahayford

    Kickstarter Shadowrun RPG Video Game Kickstarter!

    Dear god, TAKE MY MONEY Shadowrun Returns by Harebrained Schemes LLC — Kickstarter GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY!
  8. ahayford

    Way of the Wicked - Golarian Rogues Gallery

    This thread is reserved as the Rogues Gallery for my Way of the Wicked campaign. All PC's should put a character sheet here when approved.
  9. ahayford

    Interest Check - Way of the Wicked - Golarian

    Greetings gamers, I am interested in starting my second campaign here on Enworld. 1st Campaign: Shackled City - Golarian I have chosen something a little different this time around. I would like to run a 3rd party campaign called Way of the Wicked...and as you can guess, it is an Evil...
  10. ahayford

    GM Considering starting a second PbP

    Hey guys, I decided to take a stab at GMing my first PbP game about 6 months ago. There were a few stumbles, but I think I'm getting the hang of it. If you are interested, I am GM of The Shackled City - Golarion, the first Paizo AP published in Dungeon magazine, re-skinned for Pathfinder's...
  11. ahayford

    PbP DM Question

    Hey guys, I've been DMing a pbp game for a few months now and have really been enjoying it. However, I have come across a sticking point in the mechanics of running these games that I have yet to solve. Sometimes I'll get players that aren't responding because they don't necessarily want to do...
  12. ahayford

    The Shackled City - Golarion Prelude

    The Cardinal had great plans for the upcoming Cauldron Flood Festival and required additional stocks of the rare imported ale’s and wines The Drunken Morkoth had become well known for. How he managed to sell such rare and expensive brews at the prices he did was beyond anyone’s guess. The...
  13. ahayford

    The Shackled City - Golarion Interest/Recruitment (CLOSED)

    (RECRUITMENT CLOSED) Hi Everyone, I've decided to take the plunge and give DMing PbP a shot. I'm interested in running The Shackled City AP by Paizo Publishing. Module: Shackled City Adventure Path Setting: I will be modifying the AP to fit in the Pathfinder Golarion World Ruleset: I'm...
  14. ahayford

    PF1E First AP that Pathfinder launched with?

    I just realized that some of the early Adventure Paths in Paizo's library are actually written for 3.5 OGL. I know they are more or less compatible, but I was wondering if anyone knew what AP the Pathfinder Roleplaying game launched with. Also, I read that Paizo wrote some content for Dungeon...
  15. ahayford

    I like 4e and Pathfinder

    So, I'm one of those RPG guys who loves the idea of playing these games, but doesn't have a whole lot of time to play. I own a fairly large collection of books that I pick up here and there to keep up with the latest and greatest. Of course, when I heard about this big hubub between Pathfinder...