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  1. plisnithus8

    General How to 3D Battlemap (Roll20)?

    I have a specific Roll20 space ship battle question, but it’s applicable to aerial D&D and other situations/combat as well... I’ve just started DMing an Ultramodern5 Redux/Esper Genesis mash-up sci-fi campaign. We’re using Roll20 and importing maps to grid battles online. Players just got in a...
  2. plisnithus8

    5E Marut: Sigil's Hall of Concordance?

    My players' characters are 21st level (using 2CGaming's Epic Legacy). I decided to DM my son and his friends on Roll20 while quarantined -- we play twice a week, and I let them level up at the end of each session (now at epic levels, just once a week -- too many plot threads and too little...
  3. plisnithus8

    5E Book (printed) Recommendations?

    What books can you recommend for 5e from 3rd parties? I can recommend Ulraunt's Guide to the Planes: Acheron; it's a massive hardbound beauty with over 300 pages of lore, beautiful art, and plenty of crunch for players (subclasses) and DMs (monsters) alike. I have been doing Roll20 with my son...
  4. plisnithus8

    5E Possibility of 5e Godzilla

    Since Magic the Gathering has now had some official crossing over to 5e, we might get an official Godzilla and friends (Mothra, etc.) in the future since MAGIC: THE GATHERING - IKORIA, LAIR OF BEHEMOTHS BUNDLE has been announced. Anyone ready to fight kaiju...
  5. plisnithus8

    5E Should Intuition be a skill/ability?

    What would be the pros/cons of implementing Intuition in the game? I’d like PCs to have a 6th sense to guide them, a way as a DM to give them gut instincts, flashes of warnings? I can't decide if it would be a new ability or skill (if so, attached to Wisdom?). Or should be...
  6. plisnithus8

    5E What is the opposite of a Modron?

    If Modrons are the embodiment of lawfulness, do creatures exist in the opposite balancing extreme of chaos? Obviously, they would be harder to define by definition, not fitting into the structure of Mechsnus. It seems like these should exist — if so what are they and where can they be found...
  7. plisnithus8

    General Multiply Die?

    Is there a significant mathematical reason not to multiply a single dice roll by the number of dice, such as multiplying one 6-sided die by 5 instead of rolling 5 six-sides dice? I know it creates quantum jumps in numbers leaving out granularity, but does it unbalance the results?
  8. plisnithus8

    General D&D Band Names

    My group is playing Eberron with a silly tone. Their group patron is a law firm, but they are going to be representing various musical performers. I’d appreciate your help by: 1. Adding to the list of band names (see below). 2. Filling in funny/relevant details about a band/performer such as...
  9. plisnithus8

    5E Compare Spell Jammer to Starfinder

    With rumors of Spelljammer coming, I’ve got the space itch and have been reading Starfinder rules (never played Pathfinder or pre-5e D&D). Those of you that know Spelljammer, how would you describe its play and tone, especially compared to Starfinder?
  10. plisnithus8

    5E Do you want new settings, character-types, and monsters?

    I know that WotC has rights to old material which makes reworking it easier and less costly and that D&D fans often clamor for a return of their old favorites. But it seems that kind of model may stifle the game. I would love to see them try new worlds and characters classes without ties to the...
  11. plisnithus8

    5E Random Party Stats

    Our party decided to use random rolls for our characters. But after reading about the shared Dark Secret for parties in Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus, we wanted to preserve the balance of other methods so we had characters roll stats together and all use the 6 randomly generated numbers...
  12. plisnithus8

    5E Help Me with Fey Masquerade

    I’m going to use parts from the Kobold Press Courts of the Shadow Fey. I’m adding a masquerade ball; I have a list of magical masks for the party to wear. It takes place at a Fey mansion filled with snooty Fey nobility. The party just found out one of their favorite NPCs has invited them as her...
  13. plisnithus8

    5E Artificer accessories

    I was trying to imagine what an Arcane Turret — of the 2019 UA Artificer artillerist — looks like. I transformed a 3D printed Apparatus of Kwaliish mini into this: I changed it to a medium base, used the mechanical crab legs and turned the AoK barrel vertical, added parts of bazookas for...
  14. plisnithus8

    Generic Bonus Actions and Reactions

    One thing that I have often seem to be confusing about about 5e rules is the use of bonus actions and reactions. This confused me when I began as well. Players ask, what can I do as a bonus action? Well...if your class or race says you have something to use you can. For a reaction, you can use...
  15. plisnithus8

    Mearls House Rule: Two-Weapon Fighting

    https://twitter.com/mikemearls?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1054975769586421761&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.sageadvice.eu%2F Mike Mearls on Twitter: "So here’s the first part of my two-weapon fighting house rule. Note that at this stage I’m ignoring the effect of feats...
  16. plisnithus8

    UA 10/8/18 Unearthed Arcana: Magic Items of Eberron

    sorry for the repeat thread -- please delete
  17. plisnithus8

    Zero-level Adventuring

    I really enjoy zero-level adventuring because of the vulnerability of the PCs. It’s different than a low-magic campaign because there is magic, sometimes high-level magic, but it’s not something players have access to. They hardly have any resources and are constantly out-gunned. This forces...
  18. plisnithus8

    Would you allow an extra background instead of Feat?

    Player wants to be a human opera singer (1st level). If she is an entertainer but asks to also be a noble (variant so she has a little extra money plus servants), would you allow noble to replace her human variant feat? Is it balanced? Obviously the request is for role-play more than combat.
  19. plisnithus8

    5E 5e Guide to the Abyss and 9 Hells?

    With all of the fiends in Mordenkainen's, I'd really like to have a guide to their home planes. Are there any published 3rd party products that have maps or descriptions of what these are like? or maybe something from a previous edition? I'd like my players to have the option to go through a...
  20. plisnithus8

    5E Text-play

    As a DM I've been loving keep our weekly campaign going by using text messaging (we have started calling it text-play) to continue storylines between sessions, making splitting the party and having solo adventures free of meta-gaming. I think it started when I got tired of players missing and...