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  1. mortwatcher

    General Which do you prefer, character build or fixed growth?

    I prefer the character building style, mainly because it's easier for new players to not fall into traps and the difference between someone who plans the ins and outs of the character and who doesn't, while still being there, are not that big anymore. Previous editions really heavily favored...
  2. mortwatcher

    5E Do you DM?

    voted Other I do GM at cons and occasional off-shoot game I am a player in most of our regular games and "co-GM" (meaning I am the rules guy, so the GM doesn't have to bother with that load as well)
  3. mortwatcher

    Survivor Aberrations: BEHOLD THE WINNER!

    Aboleth 29 Beholder 31 BEHOLD Elder Brain 22 Gibbering Mouther 11 Mind Flayer 25 Otyugh 0 - otywho?
  4. mortwatcher

    Survivor Aberrations: BEHOLD THE WINNER!

    Aboleth 23 Balhannoth 20 Beholder 27 Berbalang 22 Blue Slaad 18 Choker 10 Chuul 22 Cloaker 21 Death Kiss 17 Death Slaad 15 Elder Brain 22 Flumph 18 Gauth 18 Gazer 20 Gibbering Mouther 21 Grell 1-2=-1 FATALITY Intellect Devourer 12 Mind Flayer 14 Mindwitness 20 Morkoth 20 Neogi 22 Neothelid 20...
  5. mortwatcher

    PF2E Pathfinder 2E Dice!

    Pff. First console games and now even dice aren't backwards compatible. Scandalous!
  6. mortwatcher

    Survivor Core Classes- ROGUE STEALS THE VICTORY!

    Cleric 8 Fighter 11 Paladin 9 tiss a sad day when wizard is losing out to this bafoon Ranger 4 Rogue 5 Wizard 9
  7. mortwatcher

    Survivor Core Classes- ROGUE STEALS THE VICTORY!

    Cleric 15 Fighter 15 Paladin 10 don't mind me, just doing some justice in the world Ranger 7 Rogue 18 Wizard 16
  8. mortwatcher

    Survivor Core Classes- ROGUE STEALS THE VICTORY!

    Bard 12 Cleric 23 Druid 11 Fighter 17 Paladin 16 tiss my sacred duty to bring down this holy oaf Ranger 18 Rogue 14 Warlock 7 Wizard 24
  9. mortwatcher

    Survivor Core Classes- ROGUE STEALS THE VICTORY!

    Barbarian 10 Bard 16 Cleric 22 Druid 19 Fighter 21 Monk 14 Paladin 16 - updated due to being a paladin Ranger 20 Rogue 22 Sorcerer 8 Warlock 20 Wizard 24 - I have foreseen this
  10. mortwatcher

    Survivor Core Classes- ROGUE STEALS THE VICTORY!

    Aritificer 20 Barbarian 20 Bard 20 Cleric 20 Druid 20 Fighter 20 Monk 17 Paladin 17 as long as these self-righteous asshats get out among the first Ranger 21 Rogue 20 Sorcerer 20 Warlock 20 Wizard 21 it's magic, don't question it
  11. mortwatcher

    Survivor Core Races- DWARF WINS (in a Scottish Accent)!

    Dwarf 13 Elf 3 Half-elf -1 Halfling 5 Human 9 last halfsie done
  12. mortwatcher

    5E What classes should be restricted?

    In general, I ban 3PP stuff, because it's usually untested and I don't want to review everything. Officially releases classes are fair game. For new players, I usually recommend that they play a martial class, but I wouldn't ban a caster because they want to play it. As far as setting goes, if...
  13. mortwatcher

    General D&D Christmas Presents

    not D&D, but I got Blades in the Dark - looking forward to trying that one
  14. mortwatcher

    5E 5th edition monks

    that is my main problem with roleplaying intelligence if you go under, that is ok, I can play someone a bit dumber than I am the issue comes, how the heck do I play 18 int character, as an 11 int player - my character should have ideas I can't even think of roleplaying mental stats is hard...
  15. mortwatcher

    General OVERLY CRITICAL: Sucking the joy out of the game.

    I always tell them I had fun even if I didn't enjoy 100% of the things especially if it's minor stuff and nitpicks, keep that to yourself if it's some big rules thing, we discuss it during session, make a quick ruling and then have a conversation about if afterwards online and see where we end...
  16. mortwatcher

    5E Theorycrafting: changing racial stat boosts to racial stat maxima

    how does it do that? wouldn't that have the exact opposite effect of shoehorning you into the 1-2 races that allow you to get your maximum in the preferred stat? the way I see it, most classes have 1 main stat and then dex/con as secondaries. So you would pick the race that allows you to get 20...
  17. mortwatcher

    Survivor Celestials: COUATL WINS!

    Couatl 20 Deva 19 Empyrean 19 - the only potentially not good guy, lets go get them Ki-rin 20 Pegasus 20 Planetar 20 Solar 20 Unicorn 18 - idk, one good guy as bad as the other
  18. mortwatcher

    Survivor Dragons: BLACK DRAGON WINS!

    Black 4 Blue 4 gogo my black champion
  19. mortwatcher

    5E Open Hand Monk or Bear Totem Barbarian?

    from my experience, +3 items are rarer than 4-elements monk at level 14 ;) OP: from the 2 classes, I would go for barbarian, it's pretty simple, almost zero management, not much decision making and it does what it's supposed to pretty well paladin has quite some management and decision making...
  20. mortwatcher

    Survivor Dragons: BLACK DRAGON WINS!

    Black Dragon 10 Blue Dragon 10 Gold Dragon 4 Green Dragon 8 Silver Dragon 8