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  1. DM Howard

    5E What's Your Table Look Like?

    I don't mean your actual table, but rather whether you use a mat or not? Do you use miniatures, tokens, or even spare change? Do you go full on theater of the mind or some combination? Do you use some method I'm not even thinking of? I tend to use a mixture of theater of the mind and the D&D...
  2. DM Howard

    DDAL DDAL: Is It Organized Enough?

    Do you think D&D Adventurers League is organized enough? One could argue that the free-form nature of DDAL has been what has led to it's success, but it seems hard to ignore the lack of structure compared to something like Pathfinder Society in terms of centralized reporting and general...
  3. DM Howard

    5E WotC & Novels

    Do you think WotC is completely done with putting out novels for D&D? I find it kind of a shame if they truly stop, as they put out some of my favorite Fantasy novels. I've thought that they might just let a publisher pick up the license, but it could be a bad move as there would be less...
  4. DM Howard

    Older D&D Edition Specific Podcasts

    So, I listen to a lot of podcasts, such as Roll For Initiative for 1st Edition AD&D and Thaco's Hammer for 2nd Edition AD&D, but I don't think I have seen any podcasts that are currently being updated for 3rd/3.5 Edition D&D (not Pathfinder mind you) or 4th Edition D&D. I started with the very...
  5. DM Howard

    Unable to Upload Profile Image

    I have been unable to upload or link to a profile image since the EN World went down the last time. It always says "unable to upload" regardless of what I do, and I am within the file size specifications. Anyone else experience this?
  6. DM Howard

    The Wandering DM - My Journey Home

    I am in my late twenties and started with one of the last D&D: Adventure Game (Fast Play) boxed sets printed under the TSR Anniversary logo. My wife and I are not in the best of financial situations due to college debt and she is currently pursuing her MBA whilst we both work full time and rent...
  7. DM Howard

    Future Core - Dying & Taking Damage

    I have been reading through my Future Core PDF as I wait for my softcover books to make the trek to me through USPS media mail and everything makes sense so far! My only question is in regards to when you are unconscious do you continue to take damage and does this therefore make the Emergency...
  8. DM Howard

    WOIN & Fantasy Grounds

    Is it possible we would ever see support for WOIN through Fantasy Grounds? I'd love to run some awesome science fiction shenanigans on there with the WOIN system.
  9. DM Howard

    DMs Guild The Jilted Quill - DMs Guild Reviews - Updated on Mondays

    The Jilted Quill Dungeon Masters Guild Reviews By Malkinban the Torn (DM Howard) The study is littered with papers, tomes, chapbooks, and maps of every description with thin paths that wind through the organized chaos being the only safe way to navigate throughout the room. All of the...
  10. DM Howard

    5E How do you feel about the Forgotten Realms?

    I've been curious lately as I often see people say they dislike the Forgotten Realms for one reason or another. I've set up this poll to see how far this dislike goes and perhaps engender some discussion in that vein. I personally used to dislike the Forgotten Realms, but I've recently had a...
  11. DM Howard

    Love for Hackmaster?

    I picked up the latest edition of Hackmaster in PDF form way back in October of last year and only recently got around to giving it a thorough look. I like what I'm seeing and the overall philosophy of the system ("True heroism comes from overcoming the odds and risking life and limb in a...
  12. DM Howard

    Adventure Utilization Poll

    How do you utilize adventures? The two that I have purchased "Against the Giants" and "Scourge of the Sword Coast" were both bought for inspiration for my own campaigns and settings, and I also enjoyed reading them for the pure pleasure of it. The poll is open, choose all that apply to you.
  13. DM Howard

    5E Buying Adventures

    How many Adventures have you bought in your RPG lifetime? The reason I'm polling the EN World community is that is seems like WotC is looking to sell a lot of adventures with D&D 5th Edition. I found that clashing with my own experience as I have, maybe, bought two adventures in my entire 15+...
  14. DM Howard

    Starting Ages

    I'm really enjoying the system so far and have finally dived into character creation, I'm just a little confused on the point of starting age. The book says to write down your race and starting age, but I don't seem to see the starting age for each race noted anywhere. Am I missing something...
  15. DM Howard

    D&D Attack Wing?

    I just have no interest in this game, and I feel that WotC is just trying to piggy back on what is popular at the moment (the likes of Star Wars X-Wing and Star Trek Attack Wing). Whilst that's a sound business move, I think it's too little too late for something like this, and I don't think...
  16. DM Howard

    Best Science Fiction RPGs

    While watching some Star Trek today I got to wondering what Science Fiction RPGs are available right now. I know of Traveller and Edge of the Empire for Star Wars, but what other Science Fiction RPGs do you all know of, and could you give a brief synopsis or personal experiences? Dndungeoneer
  17. DM Howard

    My Return to 4th Edition

    My reasons for having problems with 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons were varied; it seemed, but never anything that I could pin down. I eventually came to the conclusion that I didn’t enjoy how “powered up” the characters seemed to be and how nothing seemed to threaten them at all. I...
  18. DM Howard

    Gaming, Adults, and Growing Up

    To set the stage for this I'd like to say that I am a 21 year old University Student and that I am of course a gamer and a "nerd". I recently went out with my girlfriend, who within the next year I will be engaged to, and somehow the topic game up that she thinks that I am too wrapped up in...
  19. DM Howard

    A Centaur PC

    I'm trying to wrap my head around how I'd go about making a Centaur PC for Pathfinder. Not really sure how to go about it, I looked at the section in the back about making monster races PCs but it confuses me a little. Any help would be great.
  20. DM Howard

    Malkinban Chandler: Sketch/Drawing Needed

    I was wondering if anyone could do a sketch/drawing/whatever for my character that I'm using for a play-by-post campaign. I'm not sure what to provide but I'll put his background out here and description. By the way, he likes red. Background: Malkinban Chandler was born and raised in...