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    5E Rejecting the Premise in a Module

    Suppose your group is playing a module. You all agreed to play a module. Halfway through that module, half of the group decides to knife the primary quest giver and head off for Saltmarsh to become a pirates or whatever. They've rejected the premise and substituted their own. At what point...
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    PF1E Favorite Method of Overland Travel

    The time has come. You've finally unlocked the overworld map, and you can go literally anywhere. What is your preferred means of travel? Are you all about teleportation? Do you shell out for an airship? Or do you just save money and walk everywhere like a peasant? And perhaps most troubling...
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    General Worst phrasing for a wish?

    As an exercise in how not to adventure: What is the worst, most foolish, easiest-for-an-evil-genie-to-misinterpret wish? Comic for illustrative purposes.
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    Paizo Druids: Do you allow yourselves to be ridden?

    My fellow druids! I find it is a slippery slope down the path to animal indignity. When wildshaped, it's all too common for my party members to treat me like a dumb beast. I want to be a team player and help pull the cart, but where should I put my hoof down? Comic related.
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    5E Does your group use inspiration? If not, why not?

    Just to clarify, I'm talking about Inspiration rather than Bardic Inspiration: I come from Exalted and Savage Worlds, where meta currencies like "stunt dice" and "bennies" are handed out like candy, allowing players to gain mechanical benefits for doing cool stuff. However, I tend to see a lot...
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    PF1E PCs Based on Pop Culture Characters

    With Last Airbender getting popular all over again, I find myself once again excited to play a kineticist. However, all my old self-consciousness about ripping off an existing character is creeping back on me. When you're running a PC inspired by pop culture, how do you make sure it's an...
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    General Breaking Out of "Default Actions"

    For a lot of builds, there's ONE THING they want to do over and over again. Maybe it's eldritch blasting. Maybe it's laying down a full attack. If you're into making the hp go up instead of down, you might consider yourself a dedicated healer. But whatever that ONE THING is, I've seen entirely...
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    PF1E Rules for Monolguing?

    “Guys,” I said out-of-character, “Our rounds-per-level spells are ticking. Should we maybe hurry and—” “Dude,” said the DM. “Rounds spent monologuing don’t count towards spell duration.” Has this mess ever happened to you? Have you ever "suspended time" while a villain or a hero breaks into a...
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    Being a Good Audience

    When it comes to "spotlight moments" for other players, the conversation usually boils down to "let them have their moment." I think that's a good start, but there's more to being a good audience than not upstaging your buddies. This applies to exploration and character interaction just as much...
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    General Comic Relief Villains

    Dark Helmet from Spaceballs. Jesse and James from Pokemon. Some of the sillier incarnations of the Joker. There are plenty of comic antagonists in fiction, but I've never tried to use them in a game. I guess I worry that they might ruin the tone of heroic fantasy, breaking down the barrier...
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    Is "A Wizard Did It" Acceptable Worldbuiling?

    I appreciate a well-thought-out explanation as much as the next gamer. The dungeon was built by such-and-such a person for concrete reasons, and its inhabitants have a reason to live there. That's satisfying worldbuilding. However, I think that phrases like "chaos magic" and "a wizard did it"...
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    General Helping Small Characters Feel Small

    Part of the appeal of playing gnomes and halflings lies in feeling like the world is too big for you. When all of your enemies are larger than life, it becomes that much more heroic when you go toe-to-toe with 'em anyway. In practice, however, I think that tends to get lost at the tabletop...
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    Best Way to Find New Players

    How do the kids manage it these days? Am I supposed to make friends first and then convert them to gaming, or should I find gamers and make friends with them? Is nearbygamers.com still a thing? What about meetup? Am I better off poking my nose into a friendly local game store and sitting down...
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    Critical Role PSA: You are not Matt Mercer

    Slightly longer write-up on the comic, but here's the gist: Lately, I’ve begun to see a disturbing litany of complaints on the boards. My GM won’t give me my bardic inspiration dice because I didn’t make up a song like Scanlan. One of my fellow PCs is ripping off the Tyberius Stormwind voice...
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    How to Evil Properly?

    I have trouble with evil campaigns. As a PC, how do you successfully convey "I'm a bad dude" without going in for cartoonish puppy-kicking? Any hints or tips from the evil campaign veterans out there?
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    General The Old "Boil an Ant Hill" Problem

    For those of you that use XP rather than milestone leveling: How do you deal with the issue of players wanting to earn the final few XP to level up? I have a standing policy to allow "extra credit" projects for bonus XP. Stuff like in-character journaling, painting your mini, and...
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    Paizo Have you ever compromised on your character?

    I'm talking about stuff like a paladin coming up with a justification for partying with a necromancer, or vice versa. Maybe there was already a long-range caster, and the group didn't need another. Or your interesting dhampir PC could straight up not survive in a party with a channel-focused...
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    General A paladin just joined the group. I'm a necromancer.

    I know it's an old cliche, but this mess happened to me. I was all set to go with a necromancer. My guy was raising dead, the campaign was running smoothly, and then a buddy joined up at level 6. He wanted to roll a paladin. What's the best way to make the two play nice in the same party? Is...
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    DISCUSSION: How long is it reasonable to hold the spotlight?

    We all know that splitting the party is bad. But by the same token, allowing a player to have a "spotlight moment" can be good. These include backstory scenes, solo stealth missions, and dramatic confrontations between a small number of party members. These can be tense and exciting encounters...
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    General How do you explain PC absences when a player has to miss a session?

    I've seen a lot of ways to handle this mess. The in-universe justification (a sudden stomach bug). The handwave (he's just over there, not participating). The cancelled session. How does your group handle it? Do you employ a mix of strategies, or do you tend to favor some particular option...