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    Critical Role Watch Critical Role's Matt Mercer Play D&D With TV's Stephen Colbert!

    First comic book movies not only become mainstream but the biggest movies in the world. Now, Dungeons and Dragons is becoming cool. Who knew all those kids who picked on me were wrong, that I WAS the cool one. #validation #geeksrule
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    WOIN Super Hero style game

    KB, I see what you're saying, and it's even more awesomer. (That's a word.) What if we treated power effects (not powers) as exploits. There could be power specific exploits and general exploits that would just need the tags added to them. So, like, flight could be a general exploit with a...
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    WOIN Super Hero style game

    That would work, but for the game that I would want to run the PCs would need access to more than 1 power. If I'm reading N.O.W. correctly, and I very well might not be, following the current character creation path allows for only 1 mutant power. I would like to see my players have access to...
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    WOIN Super Hero style game

    That's an excellent idea. You could then change the DESCRIPTOR to reflect origins and things of that nature. In fact, in a supers game, you could change the DESCRIPTOR entirely to suit the game. Here's a stab at it: A(n) [power type] [origin] [identity] who /with [motivation]. So Spiderman...
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    WOIN Super Hero style game

    Hey everyone - I've been lurking on the threads here for a while, and I own NOW and NEW in print, and OLD, NOW and NEW in pdf. I'm searching for a system to run an original campaign and I'm almost old on a combination of NOW and NEW. Here's the thing. It's going to be a low powered superhero...
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    Release Press Releases & Kickstarter Announcements

    Hey, this is really cool. I'm always browsing through DriveThru and Kickstarter for cool stuff. If I can come here and reference the best stuff from here, that's a big help.