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  1. Storminator

    Shadow marches and droaam

    My players are headed to the borders of droaam and the shadow marches. There is very little published about that area. Has anyone had a campaign out there? Any ideas? Sent from my SM-G386T1 using Tapatalk
  2. Storminator

    If you were going to steal a dungeon map from a module, which map would it be?

    Assume you're DMing a dungeon crawl, and your sole purpose of using the map is that the map itself is interesting. Assume you're going to strip everything else away and just use the map. What map do you pick, and why? PS
  3. Storminator

    Setting help, New Cyre

    My players are about to wreck the fledgling nation of New Cyre. In my Goblins of Eberron campaign the PCs have restarted the Last War. Breland and Thrane are fighting each other, Darguun has invaded Valenar, Karrnath and Valenar are also fighting, and New Cyre has seized the moment to establish...
  4. Storminator

    Hey! My players made a ritual!

    It was pretty basic. They've found Mournstones, strange stones that are tied to the boundary of Dead Gray Mist in the Mournlands of Eberron. With a Mark of Storms, a person can control the Dead Gray Mists with Summon Winds. So the PC with Mark of Storms created a new ritual, using the...
  5. Storminator

    I need ideas for an "artifact"

    In my paragon game, Goblins of Eberron, I'm giving every PC an artifact. The player and I work together to define the powers and fluff and how it gets worked into the game. Well, except one player. He's pretty casual and pretty busy IRL, so he doesn't really contribute outside of game day. So I...
  6. Storminator

    New Spotlight Game?

    Are we going to get another one? I thought the Shadowrun "week" was pretty cool. PS
  7. Storminator

    What's a good way to include many secondary combatants in a fight?

    In my next session, the party will be starting a fight. In addition to the party vs. main opposition fight, there will many lesser combatants on both sides. What's a good way to include those combatants without bogging the game down brutally? Obviously they should be minions, but what other...
  8. Storminator

    The Goblins of Eberron try to start a war . . .

    Had another session of my Goblins of Eberron game yesterday. This is the 2nd consecutive session of trying to start a war. A certain bugbear tribe will ally with our "heroes" if they can get the Llesh Haruuc to declare war on the elves of Valenar, but the Llesh won't do it unless other nations...
  9. Storminator

    What happens to this forum at the end of the week?

    Are the threads moved to make way for a new spotlight? Locked? Left to clutter things up? PS
  10. Storminator

    What sorts of adventures do you have in Shadowrun?

    I've never played, and I've learned more in this forum than I ever knew before. So what's a game session like? What kinds of adventures do PCs have? Is there anything that's not shadowrunning? PS
  11. Storminator

    An encounter and an organizing method - critique both

    So I've started using Mind Maps to map out everything in life, including my 4e game. 1) do you think you could run this encounter based just on this info? 2) do you think would challenge 7 level 12 PCs? 3) are you in my Goblins of Eberron game? Then stay the heck out of this thread! :D PS
  12. Storminator

    Goblins of Eberron

    Had another session of my GoE game yesterday. As we work into Paragon tier I'm experimenting with speeding up combat. I did the half hp and +10 damage house rule. Made combat a lot quicker - but that's because essentially no monster could stand up to the Elementalist Dragonborn's breath-action...
  13. Storminator

    What does the artifact want?

    In reigniting my Goblins of Eberron game, all the PCs will get an artifact. The Ironwrought Warforged Dreadnought blacked out during the Mourning, and after he came to he wandered into a ritual that was in progress when the Mourning hit. A Final Messenger (warforged component) was the ritual...
  14. Storminator

    Storminator's bittersweet session

    In my Goblins of Eberron game, we had a near TPK. Rather than add new PCs to the shattered remnants of the group, we restarted, at Paragon tier, back where the campaign began. It was essentially a brand new campaign. So we started with a round of DM questions to get to know the new PCs, and to...
  15. Storminator

    4E Pemertonian Scene Framing and 4e DMing Restarted

    In which Storminator risks the wrath of the moderators by reigniting a locked thread. Despite the other thread's problems, I didn't feel the conversation was finished. I think JA brought up some good points, which I'd like to discuss in a respectful manner. As we all know, any DMing technique...
  16. Storminator


    The group sails into the port city of Vralkek. It's run by a fire giant from Xendrik. It's a crazy monster city, with ogres and trolls for town watch, and everyone beats up anyone smaller than them. Goblins have it the worst. And for a small sum, you can purchase The Law, and you are entitled to...
  17. Storminator

    Raiding House Cannith

    The Eye showed the Prophet a hidden laboratory deep in the cogs, where the Hand of the Forgotten One was strapped into an eldritch machine. It was snatching souls from the afterlife and putting them in warforged (walking jars!). So naturally the band went in search of said hidden laboratory. It...
  18. Storminator

    Boromar Attacks!

    Due to the numerous provocations, the Boromar clan attacks the group as they head home from establishing the church and the restaurant. Naturally, the halfling mafia brought dinosaurs - velociraptors and pterodactyls. And a bunch of thugs that were trying out for made man status. Halfling...
  19. Storminator

    2013 Body Count

    Didn't see this year's version, so I'll start. 9th level, 4e. The Goblins of Eberron campaign. Arena combat for the right to talk to the Daughters of Sora Kell in Droaam. 3 PC deaths. Near TPK. 7 PCs vs Beholder, 2 stone giants and 4 gricks. Very hard encounter. Two additional terrain...
  20. Storminator

    Wiki issue

    On the wiki page there's a link to "All pages" It is currently adding a "http://" to the beginning of the links, which makes them bad. Can this get fixed? PS