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  1. AmerginLiath

    Mana, Shamans, and the Cultural Misappropriation behind Fantasy Terms

    Not to step on any toes, but I’m guessing there’s not much much actual study of Anthropology or Comparative Religion here beyond “lets watch a cartoon on YouTube“? Because your assumptions are both historically inaccurate and totally incorrect in modern intellectual usage. The term shaman or...
  2. AmerginLiath

    5E Alignment vs. Morality, and the Consequences of Delaying Development of the Planes

    By page five, the main thread on Jeremy Crawford's comments on alignment have already gotten predictably heated, so I thought to post some thoughts on what surprises me about this separately. Apologies if I should have kept it to the main thread. The first thought that occurred to me, as I read...
  3. AmerginLiath

    E. Gary Gygax Sr. May Have Had Another, More Recent Will?

    Apropos of nothing, this feels like an adventure hook. We’re all sitting in the tavern when an old man whispers something to us about the True Will of Gygax, buried deep below Castle Greyhawk...
  4. AmerginLiath

    5E Should D&D 5e have Epic Levels?

    I voted no. I thought that the math of epic levels in previous editions quickly got well beyond unwieldy and any sort of feasible within the game world. Particularly with 5e’s attempts to rein in the numbers on a curve, expanding out that high end would have the same issue. Rather, the Epic...
  5. AmerginLiath

    General Do Your Human Characters Match Your Ethnicity (etc)?

    In the Dragonlance generational campaign that’s been going on and off for twenty five years, the vast majority of my human characters have happened to be black Or mixed race — despite my being a very white guy. That’s because I’ve been mainly playing characters within and connected to a...
  6. AmerginLiath

    General Breaking Out of "Default Actions"

    This is where I think environmental design is key. The “I spam X” method is largely an outcome of Black Box Design in encounter layout, versus Puzzle Box Design. The more dynamic the environment, the more objects to be interacted with and ways to move around and behind things, the more different...
  7. AmerginLiath

    General A Gruumsh Of A Different Type

    I don’t think that Fury, War, and Destruction need be necessarily viewed as wholly negativistic. “Fury” can be presented as full emotional expression, not just rage. War and Destruction can be interpreted in terms of Creative Destruction, the constant tearing down and rebuilding/redefining of...
  8. AmerginLiath

    5E New Statblocks for D&D's Kobolds

    Don’t think that my next Dragonlance character isn’t going to be two kender in a suit of “borrowed” Solamnic armor (the top one wearing a fake horsehair mustache, the bottom one peeking out through the displaced codpiece)...
  9. AmerginLiath

    5E New Statblocks for D&D's Kobolds

    Per the matter of horror and comic elements, there’s the matter of how classical drama rules work; the storytelling spine of role playing adventures being surprising conservative in following dramatic structure. Horror as a storytelling element works largely by changing up the expected build and...
  10. AmerginLiath

    5E New Statblocks for D&D's Kobolds

    “Anyone could have been Three Kobolds In A Trenchcoat all along” Well, the questions of racial identity and racial alignment may still be live ones, but we’ve officially now solved the problem of what to do when a player is suddenly absent for the latter sessions(s) of an adventure/campaign...
  11. AmerginLiath

    What are you reading this year 2020?

    I’m surprisingly not a fiction guy, so I’m taking advantage of being stuck alone in an apartment for a few months to read a lot of classical philosophy. I spent the first two months plus reading the complete works of Aristotle (although I’ll admit to skimming a bit through the animal biology...
  12. AmerginLiath

    OD&D Jon Peterson Shares Aronson's Original OD&D Illusionist

    As versatile and potentially powerful as Magic Users were, I could never bring myself NOT to play an Illusionist when I wanted to play what we now call an arcane spellcaster in my 1st Edition days when I could, because they just the right amount of flavor baked in (without constraining the...
  13. AmerginLiath

    UA Unearthed Arcana: Of Ships and The Sea

    I’m going to have to reread through this again in more detail, but I like the gist of it on a first quick scan, both in terms of basic ideas and what it covers. I’ve been in a number of games involving ships and different games/editions vary in how they try to create variant systems to describe...
  14. AmerginLiath

    5E WotC's Nathan Stewart Teases New D&D Setting Book in 2019

    As for the Spelljammer comment, I’ve maintained (and others as well) that it’s appeared for some time that spelljamming seems to be working into 5e as part of the broader planar mythology, rather than as a separate system/mythology. Whenever the equivalent of a Manual of the Planes (which I...
  15. AmerginLiath

    UA Unearthed Arcana: Magic Items of Eberron

    I don't mind them using UA for this, but I sort of wish they could alternate months with some other material or something, to give us more new toys to play with (while allowing the folks with the Wayfarers Guide to keep testing, perhaps even noting every few weeks what they want feedback on like...
  16. AmerginLiath

    UA Unearthed Arcana August: Races of Ravnica

    Sounds like players!
  17. AmerginLiath

    WotC D&D's Best Year Ever - But Hasbro's Goal Is For D&D e-Sports

    Now I want a Dwarf Jim Cramer and a Halfling Rick Santelli in my adventuring party, to help me maximize my treasure yield!
  18. AmerginLiath

    2E How to Convert High-Level 2e Spellcasters to 5e?

    Not a broad comment (as others have covered it), but one thought on the HP issue: having substantially more hit points for such major Wizard NPCs shouldn’t be a problem in terms of the fiction if you consider part of those to reflect the previous edition’s array of magical and divine...
  19. AmerginLiath

    UA [5E] Unearthed Arcana: Races of Eberron (July 2018)

    As noted in the main thread on the Eberron announcement, D&D Beyond has also released a video on YouTube to accompany this (as is usually the case): https://youtu.be/Cawc3IKPzKM
  20. AmerginLiath

    UA [5E] Unearthed Arcana: Races of Eberron (July 2018)

    https://media.wizards.com/2018/dnd/downloads/723UA_EberronRaces7232018.pdf Amidst all the news today, this month’s UA dropping seems to have gotten lost. It was delayed from the usual date as it’s an article of updated races for Eberron by Keith Baker (I imagine it’s the same version of races...