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  1. Inchoroi

    Probing Ideas: Is there interest in this?

    I've got an itch. An itch to worldbuild and write a campaign, and I'm considering using OLD, and, since its Open License, I considered perhaps publishing it. Is this something that people would want? My own writing style is extremely detailed and very sandbox-heavy, which makes me wonder: what...
  2. Inchoroi

    Crafting Houserule

    I had a thought the other night, just after our session. The party wants to get magic items. Every player loves that part of the game. Since they don't really break anything, I figured, "Sure, why not?" So, they can occasionally find someone able and willing for a price to craft the magic item...
  3. Inchoroi

    5E Campaign Synopsis Brainstorm Thread: The Prequel

    I posted this in another thread as an idea that I had, and really wanted to do it. The intention is for the ENWorld Community to brainstorm a campaign. In addition, the thread should take as a given that "Use Adventure Path X and run that" as non-constructive suggestions, as helpful as they may...
  4. Inchoroi

    5E Thrills, chills, and amazement.

    I've been DMing various games for a long time now, and one thing I've always wanted but never really got in the sense that the players have chills going down their spines when they encounter something, or something happens in the game, or they do something amazing, and the rest of the party...
  5. Inchoroi

    5E [Forgotten Realms] Netheril, Nether Scrolls, & Karsus' Folly

    So, as all my recent games have fallen apart, I've set my sights to the next one--and I actually want to write this whole campaign this time. My first idea was an ancient evil being resurrected through some process, so I did some reading, and came up with something fun: What if, several...
  6. Inchoroi

    5E Actively Evil PCs & a Pirate Sandbox?

    So, during last night's game, I got a special request--one that I should preface with the following. Generally, my players start out with the best intentions. Protect the innocent, save the damsel, etc. However...generally, it starts with gambling or opening a brothel or some such thing, and it...
  7. Inchoroi

    5E Quest XP rewards?

    Am i blind, or are there no quest xp rules in the DMG?
  8. Inchoroi

    5E Converting GDQ into Forgotten Realms

    I got given the GDQ set Queen of the Spiders for Christmas, and thought it'd be fun to place it in Forgotten Realms. Wet here do you think it'd fit best? My first thought is the Spine of the World.
  9. Inchoroi

    [5e, PEACH] Inchoroi's Quick & Dirty Magic Item Creation Rules

    In response to my annoyance at the DMG being delayed, and my desire to hurry up and start running a full campaign, rather than just an adventure, I decided to make my own quick and dirty magic item crafting rules. I've provided notes on my thought processes and intentions, as well as attempts to...