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  1. thexar

    Game Design Masterclass: James Bond 007

    It is because of my history with this game that I felt no guilt printing a raise chart for Savage Rifts with targets between 4 and 50, up to 7 raises. It may be simple math, but the chart makes things go quicker. The failure of this system, THAC0, and Numenera for me is they expect the DM to...
  2. thexar

    Shadowrun Sixth World Core Rulebook Review

    Shadowrun is that game we ALL want to love, but … it's hard.
  3. thexar

    5E Tyranny of Dragons Getting Republished in Combined Anniversary Volume

    Does it still start with a 1st level party coming out of the woods to see a large city under siege getting blasted by a dragon, and they're supposed to think "hey guys/gals, we should help those people"? How about when you jump through a portal and level to 7. If you make your perception check...
  4. thexar

    5E Mists of Akuma, about the Mists

    I'm reading through the book, and I don't understand when and where the mists come. Is it a daily occurrence? Is the whole continent covered at once, a prefecture at a time, or just small clouds? How is the daily life of a peasant in a small mountain village affected? Or a middle-class...
  5. thexar

    5E Moving diagonally between enemies on a grid

    Do other people have an issue with this? This was initiated by a player. Two PCs were diagonally adjacent, and an enemy moved up and tried to pass between them. The player declared the creature couldn't pass them diagonally. I didn't mind the the idea (and didn't want to look it up), so I let is...
  6. thexar

    Werewolf and WoD

    I have never been able to figure out how to run a WoD game. We tried Hunter. Once. Not knowing what werewolves were like, I flipped through the antagonists section, and threw one down on a party of 5 PCs. I think it was a TPK in 3 turns. While I was staring at the book trying to figure out...
  7. thexar

    SF Starfinder's Spaceships Are Pretty!

    Raises the question, it does not beg it. "To beg a question means to assume the conclusion of an argument—a type of circular reasoning. This is an informal fallacy, in which an arguer includes the conclusion to be proven within a premise of the argument, often in an indirect way such that its...
  8. thexar

    4E Is there a "Cliffs Notes" summary of the entire 4E experience?

    Personal experience. Our first read through reaction was: meh, I don't get it. We played through the launch title Shadowfel (something or other), and it was a lot of fun. We were happy and thought, ok we get it now. Then we played some more games, got some levels, and it quickly became...
  9. thexar

    The D100 is Broken

    The d100 is forever off by one. This is a problem that programmers deal with constantly, but we seem to try to ignore it when we roll dice. Plus, the zero is usually a zero, but 1% of the time it’s a 10, sort of. So let’s say we have a 60% chance to succeed. If I roll a 60, then I hit, but...
  10. thexar

    4E D&D 4ed Power Tracker

    I played with this some today. There are Level tags later in file, that contain RulesElements, where the powers are referenced for a 3rd time. I thought it would be possible to find all the elements of type=power, then crawl up the parents to find a type=level, then save the power and level in...
  11. thexar

    4E D&D 4ed Power Tracker

    On my win7 machine, the window is mostly off-screen. The window border is visible on the right hand side. I was able to get to the Tools menu and un-check "pin to side". This brings the window back to center. Annoyingly, it always starts in "pin to side" mode. I was thinking about making...
  12. thexar

    Character Builder WTFs per minute

    Who wrote this thing? It's abysmal. I've only used it as much as I had to, and my WTFs per minute are between 3 and 7. My printed character (7th level) is 7 pages. SEVEN PAGES!? Aren't we trying to save a tree here boys? As a Wizard, I get to pick 2 level 1 daily spells, but I can only...