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    5E Ranger class changes

    Thought to share version we have been playing. This version is the spell casting version (note there is a non-spell casting version as well.) https://www.gmbinder.com/share/-LiLlbZfozU16w6hzfY6 The premise of the changes are to Eliminate need for GM to change adventure to appease the ranger...
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    5E Homebrew Ranger class. Wanted to share.

    https://www.gmbinder.com/share/-LiLlbZfozU16w6hzfY6 Like many, found the original class lacking in identity as well having features that function only when specific conditions are met. Never found that damage was an issue, just the features. Over the years, this version has changed slightly...
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    5E Question on Ranger's and traps

    In Xanathar's Guide it states that Thieves' Tools is required to disable Bear Traps and Trip Wires. Does that require Rangers to gain the Thieves' Tools to set or disarm these traps; even if the traps are not their own. I have not found much written on this subject. I know some allow the...
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    Another take on the Ranger class...would love some (a lot) input/opinions/etc

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WNkWZdAidKuuj272TlnhqM-fw305j-bM/view?usp=sharing Updated file with some revisions Removed Favored Enemy and Favored Terrain component. Ranger starts with 3 known languages. As scouts, you either travel the lands or you, as in the old US west, were scouts for...
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    Flesh to Stone spell - why the poor rating

    Reading through the class guides, most give this spell a poor rating which I don't understand. I know it is a Con save which is not a good save to go against, but if the the creature fails the first save, it is restrained until it succeeds on 3 saves. Its not like other spells in which once it...
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    5E Question on Illusory Dragon, Sickening Radiance, and Maddening Darkness spells

    Illusory Dragon - As it is an illusion, if a creature has True Sight or immune to illusions, does it ignore the fear and damage completely or only gain advantage on saving throws as a creature who succeeds on an Investigation check as per the spell? Sickening Radiance - The wording of the spell...
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    Ethereal Ink - would love input on this magic item for sorcerers

    ETHEREAL INK Wondrous item, legendary (requires attunement by a sorcerer) This small vial contains swirling colors of ichor that is used to create tattoos gifted by the gods. It will radiate Transmutation magic when Detect Magic is cast. You make a small cut and either place the wound into the...
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    OPinion on Magic Item

    FORGE OF DOLGANA Wondrous item, artifact This forge was once used by the highly skilled dwarf smith Dolgana Forgemaster. It was said that any item she created within the forge was magical or able to be empowered with powerful magic. As per her request, when she passed away, her body was...
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    Homebrew - Would like feedback on this version of the Sorcerer

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HeIMuKGxb2JwbW8DRsh61oHc1qf_RWpv/view?usp=sharing I increased the HD and gave them light armor and simple weapons. Two reasons: First, the PHB it states "it’s unusual to find a sorcerer who is not involved in the adventuring life in some way.” “Sorcerers often...
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    5E Horn of Valhalla Berserkers

    The Berserkers are loyal to the horn, and the one who sounded it. But can they be charmed or magically compelled to act against the blower of the horn?
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    5E Seek opinion on this Sorcerer change

    I was wondering what others thought of these changes to the Sorcerer 1. Use Spell Points instead of spell slots. At level 19, can create an additional 6th level spell slot. At level 20 create an additional 7th level spell slot 2. Sorcery Points can ONLY be used to create metamagic...
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    5E Druid Sorcerer combination

    I know in Wild Shape, Druids are unable to cast spells until level 18. And only spells with somatic and verbal components. But I was curious if a Druid Sorcerer combination could cast spells in Wild Shape using Subtle Metamagic.
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    5E Horizon Walker and Rogue dual class question

    Sneak attack damage is weapon damage. Planar Warrior, once per turn, makes weapon damage into radiant damage. Does that imply that Horizon Walker 3/Rogue X can transform sneak attack damage into Force damage. If so, makes a powerful damage combo
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    5E Question using Spell Points variant rule in Sorcerer

    Playing a Sorcerer using the variant Spell Points instead of spell slots. Question: Are the Sorcery Points combined with Spell Points?
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    5E Question about Ranger's ability vs Hordes

    I was always under assumption that Rangers excelled against fighting large number of creatures. Hunter's Mark is vs only one creature. There are a couple of spells that are effective vs hordes that only work with thrown weapons or arrows/bolts. But the others focus on one creature. The Hunter...
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    5E If you had to choose between Sorcerer bonus spells or expanded

    Was wondering what the general thought would be. I have read discussions on Sorcerers not having enough spells known and ways to rectify the problem. The two methods are increase the number or adding archtype spells. My opinion is a flat increase in the number of spells known and offer...
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    5E Dual weilder feat needed to draw 2 weapons?

    I am confused. Why need a feat to draw 2 weapons simultaneously while it is free to draw a weapon and ready your shield? i would think that it is easier to draw 2 weapons than drawing a weapon and taking shield from your back or wherever and getting a the into proper placement . So shouldn't...
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    5E Polymorph spell

    Wondering if I could cast polymorph spell on myself (I knownsays tsrget incan see - so I look into mirror). Can I maintain concentration on the spell while in beast shape. IE change into mouse so I can eaves drop on conversation in a private room thank you for your help
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    5E CoS - 2 questions on play that may be broken (spoilers)

    Was wondering. 1. In CoS your are in another plane. If you cast Banishment spell on your party, would you return to your "home" world? 2. If you get the luck blade with one wish, could one wish to go back in time before Strahd became a vampire and kill him before this ever happened? Not...
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    5E Magical Secrets: choosing between two spells

    Was wondering what would be a better spell to have Circle of Power or Globe of Invulnerability. Both perform similar functions except: Circle of Power 1. 30 ft radius 2. Moves with caster (I like) 3. Advantage on Saving Throws vs spells & magical Effects 4. Save vs damage, you take none 5. Can...