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  1. kenmarable

    The KIingons Are Here!

    Also, if people want to see it in play, the Streampunks are starting their new "Blood of the Void" campaign tonight. It's an all-Klingon campaign run by the same people who did/are doing the "Shield of Tomorrow" and "Clear Skies" Star Trek campaigns. It will be on twitch.tv/QueueTimes at 6:30pm PT.
  2. kenmarable

    5E New Statblocks for D&D's Kobolds

    You and I apparently have very different definitions of fantasy! "sci-fi with magic instead than laser guns"???!??? :ROFLMAO: (There's a reason those books are boxed up in my basement, rather than out on my shelves next to N.K. Jemisin and Nnedi Okorafor and Avatar: The Last Airbender graphic...
  3. kenmarable

    5E New Statblocks for D&D's Kobolds

    Even setting aside the parallels to horrible real world views of race, that’s just lazy writing. Whether it is early D&D copying Tolkien or it’s Star Trek with “Klingons are the warrior race, Vulcans are the logic race, and humans are the... uh... varied race” or the countless other times in...
  4. kenmarable

    5E New Statblocks for D&D's Kobolds

    As Chris Perkins says in one of the D&D Beyond videos, (paraphrased) you can’t have nonstop unrelenting horror and have it work well. You need to mix it up with lighter material and have both ups and downs for it to work effectively. That seems to hold true for stories whether it’s a novel...
  5. kenmarable

    5E Exploring Eberron Cover

    And support. Support is the #1 reason I am MUCH happier being someone's employee as a web developer than freelance my own business. I only did a couple projects freelance and, my goodness, did I ever regret that. Not to mention, that's like saying Barnes & Noble makes a comparable percentage...
  6. kenmarable

    5E New Errata Released For D&D PHB, OotA, Xanathar, and ToF

    I should be finishing up a 2.5 year Out of the Abyss campaign on Roll20 sometime this summer, so, knowing how things go, they should release it just after that. ;)
  7. kenmarable

    5E D&D's Top Magic Items

    I wonder if there is any correlation to the loot in published and AL games or even with armor on Monster Manual creatures? These stats likely include magic armor as well. Or it could be as simple as aesthetic reasons. If you look at all the art out there - published and fan art, studded leather...
  8. kenmarable

    5E D&D's Top Magic Items

    Yep, plus in D&D Beyond “equipped” is a misnomer since it isn’t really used as “thing I’m currently holding” so much as “thing I want listed in my actions.”
  9. kenmarable

    General Hilarious typos in D&D books

    Ah, the classic 'dawizard' search and replace. An oldie but goodie. Didn't that cause several tpyos throughout the book? (Just looked it up, and I didn't realize there were also iwizards as well! Nice!) Details: The Most Beautiful Things
  10. kenmarable

    General The Sales of D&D vs. AD&D vs. AD&D 2nd Edition

    I wouldn't presume 5 million D&D players were necessarily raised on Mystara/Known World even if many of the products were set there. I played a lot of BECMI through the 80's and I had never even heard of Mystara/Known World until well into the 90s with Planescape and Spelljammer and their...
  11. kenmarable

    Lone Wolf (Hero Lab) Lays Off Staff

    Never trust anyone who says a business is a “family” especially while laying off someone who just started 3 months ago and moved cross-country for the job. I’ve been through a few layoffs over the years (surviving most of them), and that’s ruder than any I’ve personally witnessed. It’s infuriating.
  12. kenmarable

    TSR TSR Cutting Writers Rates (In 1994!)

    A “module unit” in TSRspeak is 32 pages, or about 24,000 words. It’s the length of an old adventure module, and I think they often even divided up larger books into “module unit” chunks for writers (which might be 1 or more chapters). I also recall for staff writers, I think the goal was 1...
  13. kenmarable

    TSR TSR Cutting Writers Rates (In 1994!)

    Also interesting to see that these rates - which are even less than their normal freelancer rates back then - are still more than most companies pay now, 25 years later!
  14. kenmarable

    TSR The Dueling Essays of Arneson & Gygax

    I was just thinking about how so many creative endeavors start with a pair of equals, but often the more charismatic and/or business minded one winds up being remembered as the central creator. Gygax & Arneson, Jobs & Woz, Stan Lee & Jack Kirby, Bill Gates & Paul Allen, etc. (and I'm sure many...
  15. kenmarable

    5E Mythological Figures: General George Washington

    It's from a weird song by Brad Neely, the same guy who did "Wizard People, Dear Reader." Content Warnings - NSFW & Ear worming catchy tune: Removed - whoops, sorry, I didn't realize it would embed the video. My apologies to Eric's Grandma. ;) Yeah, I didn't realize it would embed the video. I...
  16. kenmarable

    5E Mythological Figures: General George Washington

    Not to mention a crystal horse or the ability to kick you apart! (As soon as I saw the headline, I immediately thought of the same thing! It'd be interesting to see a write up of THAT George Washington, or at least the SFW aspects.) :cool:
  17. kenmarable

    TSR The Lost City - Goodman Games Next Classic TSR Adventure Revisited

    Interesting! This was the first D&D adventure I ever played, so it certainly has a special place in my heart. So I will definitely see about picking this up. Also, I've been working the past several months on a series of adventures/sourcebook concerning the Lost City for DMs Guild I'm hoping...
  18. kenmarable

    PF2E Complexity vs. Depth -- A Look Inside Pathfinder 2nd Edition

    At the online site, you can see what some (all?) of the ancestry feats are, so no need to speculate or wonder. https://2e.aonprd.com/Ancestries.aspx They do have minimum levels listed, but only have up to 13th level listed. I don’t have the book yet tho, so I don’t know if there aren’t any...
  19. kenmarable

    5E Tyranny of Dragons Getting Republished in Combined Anniversary Volume

    I’m excited for it! I think one of the biggest issues they even admitted to at the time was trying to write the adventure while the core rules (and monster stats) kept changing. So one cleaned up a bit with stable rules and everyone having much more experience with the system could make it...
  20. kenmarable

    General 40 Million People Have Played D&D [UPDATED!]

    Exactly my point. Just when there’s a universal claim made like what “has always been,” there’s often plenty of experience to the contrary.