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  1. thundershot

    6E D&D 6th edition - What do you want to see?

    I really like the idea of having an Advanced Dungeons and Dragons book as a supplement to 5E. Why not dig out an old title and give it a new purpose?
  2. thundershot

    5E Stargate RPG Announced from Wyvern Gaming

    While that’s true, having stats for all of the various Stargate baddies would make it easier... (Wraith, Ori, etc) and not just Gou’ald and Jaffa and Asgard. Thanks!
  3. thundershot

    5E Stargate RPG Announced from Wyvern Gaming

    Will all of the canon from Atlantis and Universe be used as well? The Goa’uld system lords were defeated... I just hope other eras and locales of the shows will be available.
  4. thundershot

    3E/3.5 Jonathan Tweet: Prologue to Third Edition

    Speaking as someone who never played 1E (went from BECMI to 2E), I personally loved 2E. I did have the 1E DMG before I had the 2E one, so I used the magic items from that, but I loved the flavor of 2E. However, I definitely understand how they hung themselves with supplement after supplement...
  5. thundershot

    2E Returning to 2nd Edition

    Looking back, I had the most FUN playing 2E. I started with BECMI, had a couple 1E books before 2E came out and we graduated to that. Played for 10 years. Definitely had lots of fun adventures in various settings. 3E was all well and good and was very modular and easily customized, but it just...
  6. thundershot

    Critical Role Could Critical Role launch their own RPG?

    I personally would have zero interest in Critical Role if they made their own RPG or switched systems. Part of the charm is that they’re playing the same game people in my home play and we can connect with them.
  7. thundershot

    5E Jeremy Crawford Talks Sidekicks

    As a DM, I personally love cohorts or sidekicks, as it adds another character personality into the mix. That was always my stipulation on cohorts is that they had to be different from the main PC. It's nice that they're codifying it for 5E, but in 3E, half the group had Leadership with a...
  8. thundershot

    3E/3.5 SANTA CLAUS for D&D 3E

    Someone totally needs to convert this to 5E!
  9. thundershot

    3E/3.5 A Turning Point: I Sold My 3e Books

    I sold the mass majority of my 3/3.5 books when 4E first came out. Like BECMI and 2E, I kept only the core books, monster books, and special 3rd party books.
  10. thundershot

    4E 4E Transfer Enchantment to Pathfinder?

    I've decided to take the simple route. If they sell the magic +1 flaming longsword, they'll get half value. If they decide to transfer the powers to an existing weapon, they'll get full value. Make the appropriate Spellcraft check and time and done.
  11. thundershot

    4E 4E Transfer Enchantment to Pathfinder?

    Okay, in Pathfinder, it's a 2nd level ritual... what would be a simple spell to transfer the magical properties of one item onto another? I don't want to penalize the players because the magic items they find aren't things that they normally use, and more importantly, to prevent characters from...
  12. thundershot

    Speeding up combat

    Okay, after the first few sessions (Kingmaker), I realized one of the things I hated about 3.5 and 4E.... The combat that never ends. What things have you tried to speed things up? Here's what I'm experimenting: Halve the monsters hit points Giving the monsters +2 to hit, damage, and saves...
  13. thundershot

    4E Guidance for character level shift from 4e to PF

    We just did the same exact thing, except it was ultimately decided to start at level 1 again, since they were going to a new land (Kingmaker adventure path) and they lost most of their equipment. I gave them a 900 gp starting gold limit, and they seem to be ok. It was all consentual. We wanted...
  14. thundershot

    Lesser Wyrm Rods?

    Back in BECMI, the PC's had a Rod of the Wyrm that ended up becoming part of the family, so to speak. It took until Epic that we got the return of it, but it was MUCH more powerful than before. SRD:Wyrm Rod - D&D Wiki What I'd like to do is make lesser variations of the rod so that I can use...
  15. thundershot

    Splitting the Leadership feat?

    My players (we only have 3 PCs) want to have cohorts to make up for lack of PC's (they'll be playing Kingmaker, so the extra bodies will help with the kingdom) when they hit 7th level but don't want the bookkeeping of having followers. I haven't played in a few years, but wasn't there feats that...
  16. thundershot

    PF1E Rate my Pathfinder Rakasta

    Okay, one of the last ingredients I have for my upcoming Pathfinder campaign is getting Rakasta converted over... I'm partially using the one CleverNickname did, but doing a few modifications based on the old Dragon Bruce Heard article. The reason I chose Int as the other bonus is campaign...
  17. thundershot

    4E Switching from 4E to Pathfinder. Conversion advice?

    Here's my Eladrin, which are basically PF Elves. I'm looking for something suitable to replace Keen Senses with, so the Elves can have that: Eladrin Racial Traits +2 Dexterity, +2 Intelligence, -2 Constitution: Eladrin are nimble, both in body and mind, but their form is frail. Medium...
  18. thundershot

    4E Switching from 4E to Pathfinder. Conversion advice?

    I've decided to use the racial replacements for the Elf... Replacing Elven Magic with Woodcraft is easy. I can't decide if adding Wild Step is equal to replacing Elven Immunities. Wild Step: An elf may move through any sort of natural undergrowth such as vines or thorns at full speed without...
  19. thundershot

    4E Switching from 4E to Pathfinder. Conversion advice?

    Okay, after some thinking and typing, here's what I've got for the Elves and Eladrin: 4E PF ELVES: +2 Dex, +2 Wis, -2 Con Add "Fey Blood: Elves count as both Fey and Humanoids for the purposes of effects that target type." Subtract Longswords and Rapiers from their "Weapon Familiarity". Replace...
  20. thundershot

    4E Switching from 4E to Pathfinder. Conversion advice?

    http://paizo.com/paizo/messageboards/paizoPublishing/pathfinder/pathfinderRPG/conversions/converting4ERacesToPathfinder These are the best conversions direct from 4E that I've seen. Unfortunately I'm not sure how to take all these abilities (for the PF Elf/Eladrin) and make them swappable with...