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  1. Goodsport

    The Twilight Zone (Season 2 / 2019-present version)

    All of Season 2 is now available to watch. (y) -G
  2. Goodsport

    The Twilight Zone (Season 2 / 2019-present version)

    The entire season will be available to watch on CBS All Access on Thursday, June 25th. Interesting choice to release all of the season's episodes at once rather than once a week like last season, but I'm certainly not complaining. ;) -G
  3. Goodsport

    Preparations for Super Bowl LIV?

    I'm preparing for my twentieth-annual Super Bowl Eve viewing of Any Given Sunday (my ninth consecutive viewing of it on Blu-ray Disc rather than on DVD) this coming weekend before watching the Big Game the following day, especially exciting for me since my NFL team will be playing in it for the...
  4. Goodsport

    Which team will win Super Bowl LIV?

    And why? :)
  5. Goodsport

    Merry Julian Christmas!

    Were all those your Julian Christmas gifts to yourself? ;) -G
  6. Goodsport

    Merry Julian Christmas!

    S Rozhdestvom Hristovim! Merry Julian Christmas today, everyone! -G
  7. Goodsport

    What is the backstory behind your NFL team's name/colors/mascot/etc.?

    Is there any particular story as to how Buffalo's AFL (later, NFL) team was named the Bills and/or how it chose its colors? :confused: -G
  8. Goodsport

    What is the backstory behind your NFL team's name/colors/mascot/etc.?

    Sometimes it was prior to 1964, as I already wrote. ;) -G
  9. Goodsport

    What is the backstory behind your NFL team's name/colors/mascot/etc.?

    Much of the San Francisco 49ers' formation can be read about in this article about the team's co-founder and original majority owner Tony Morabito. Perhaps the most relevant portion of that article for this thread is: I'd been asked before why the San Francisco 49ers chose the team colors...
  10. Goodsport

    Syfy's New Year's Twilight Zone marathon (Tuesday, 12/31/19 - Thursday, 1/2/20)

    Who else here is looking forward to all (or more likely, at least part) of this annual tradition? :) While I won't be able to watch a large chunk of the marathon, it's still cool to be able to record and watch certain favorite episodes (though I also always seem to find an episode or two that...
  11. Goodsport


    Merry Gregorian Christmas, everyone! :) -G
  12. Goodsport

    Birthday (11/23)!

    Thank you Len :), even though I'm now only two years shy of half a century. :cry: -G
  13. Goodsport

    Birthday (11/23)!

    48 :(
  14. Goodsport

    Definitely enjoying Red Dead Online! Would I likely also enjoy Grand Theft Auto Online?

    For those here who've played both Red Dead Online and Grand Theft Auto Online: If I'm enjoying the former, would it be worth it for me to purchase the latter or is it too different of a game in theme and playability? I suppose that I'm old-fashioned as I prefer to play as the good guy (or at...
  15. Goodsport

    Blood & Treasure

    The series premieres tonight with its first two episodes back-to-back, followed by one hour episodes for the next several weeks. The show seems like something in the vein of the Indiana Jones movies, National Treasure, Uncharted, etc. Maybe even a modern-day version of Tales of the Gold Monkey...
  16. Goodsport

    Railway Empire

    Is Railway Empire the spiritual successor to the Railroad Tycoon series (which to date seemed to have ended with 2006's Sid Meier's Railroads!), of which I mainly played Railroad Tycoon 3? Also, how good is the game in its own right and how does it compare to the Railroad Tycoon series (and to...
  17. Goodsport

    Galactic Civilizations 3 or Stellaris?

    Or perhaps concentrating on just one world like Age of Wonders 3? Or even on a single archipelago like Tropico 6? Or some other strategy, city-building and/or 4x game for my PC? So many choices... :eek: -G
  18. Goodsport

    Bethesda's "The Elder Scrolls" 25th Anniversary Giveaway

    "Celebrate 25 Years of The Elder Scrolls" (Bethesda.net - Monday, 3/25/19) -G
  19. Goodsport

    Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

    This Quentin Tarantino written-and-directed movie is scheduled to hit theaters on Friday, July 26th. -G