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  1. Satyrn

    Exploding Toads! Turtle Grenades!

    Inspired by the Polymorph Is a Bad Debuff thread, I have created a new category of critters that might make Polymorph a more fun debuff. Torgue Beasts These underdark animals tend to be tiny, palm-of-the-hand sized animals, and they all share a distinctive light and dark checkerboard...
  2. Satyrn

    5E An Endless Stream of Monsters!

    So, as I mentioned in another thread: I'm building a megadungeon based on a couple ideas. One of my players, when he tried DMing, began running a campaign based on an anime about a sadsack adventurer who tried to make his fame - and win the love of some great adventurer - in a megadungeon under...
  3. Satyrn

    5E 5e Borderlands? Help wanted.

    Can y'all help me with some information and inspiration, please? Info: Does anyone know where I can find 5e statblocks for Borderlands monsters? Inspiration: I'm looking ideas on how to fit Borderlands game maps in a megadungeon. TS;WE? (Too short, want explanation?) I'm building a...