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  1. estar

    Release Wilderlands of the Fantastic Reaches has been release along with Wilderlands bundles

    I am pleased to announce the release of Wilderlands of the Fantastic Reaches. This is the fourth of four products covering the eighteen maps that encompasses the Judges Guild Wilderlands setting. This product covers four of the maps as detailed below. The four sets combined will cover a region...
  2. estar

    Dark Wilderlands a D&D 4th Edition Setting

    Well if you going have a ruleset that has big damn heroes 24/7 might as well give them a big damn setting. A GUIDE TO THE DARK WILDERLANDS The Majestic Wilderlands is a campaign that I have run for over thirty years. Sometime in the mid 80’s I decided to destroy my campaign world. Using AD&D...
  3. estar

    Supplement VI the Majestic Wilderlands is Released

    From the City-State of the Invincible Overlord to the ancient city of Viridistan the wilderness is thick with dungeons and ruins. Contained in this book are the background and rules used in a campaign thirty years in the making. You will find over two dozen classes ranging from Soldiers to...
  4. estar

    Goodman's Points of Light of 4e

    Forked from: Necromancer Games-update by Orcus The two Point of Lights focuses on being settings that readily allow themselves to be dropped in a referee's campaign. It is esstentially edition neutral because the format doesn't support extensive stat blocks. It works for any edition of D&D...
  5. estar

    Points of Light from Goodman Games

    I am Rob Conley the author of the just released Points of Light. It is four small settings done in a similar style to Wilderlands of High Fantasy. Each setting contains a numbered hex map, a list of locales keyed to the map, and a short background. Each maps covers an area roughly 120 miles by...
  6. estar

    4E 4E combat illustrated

    Here is a blow by blow account of using the quickstart rules with the first encounter. Surprise Round Kobolds rolled stealth for a total of 21 None of the party was able to beat that on their perception Roll The Kobolds have surprise which allows them one action. The Slinger fires a glue pot...
  7. estar

    In spirit of Outdoor Survival

    A map inspired by the original map board. http://home.earthlink.net/~wilderlands/southlandsm.jpg Note it should be five miles per hex not three. The Black Squares are settlements The round circles are castles/keeps The diamonds are lairs Enjoy Rob Conley