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  1. BookBarbarian

    5E Fictional examples of Rangers

    All this discussion of racial changes has made me long for the good old days of Ranger debates. So here we go. While the D&D Ranger has become it's own thing I think many players still enjoy some amount of emulation when rolling up a character. I want to play someone like blank is something I...
  2. BookBarbarian

    5E Funny item interactions

    I was reading over the Hammer of Thunderbolts description in the 5e DMG today and noticed some funniness. Per the text a character can throw the Hammer, but it does not return to their hand like a Dwarven Thrower would. You going to have to walk over and pick it up . Good thing the range is...
  3. BookBarbarian

    5E Sunlight in Barovia vs Sunlight Sensitivity

    While reading through my copy Curse of Strahd. The section on Sunlight in Barovia got me thinking. Here is the same text from the Adventures League Dungeon Master's guide version 4.0: "Barovian daylight is bright light, yet it isn’t considered sunlight for the purpose of effects and...