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  1. Jd Smith1

    Cheap, simple overland mapping software

    I need to make regional and national maps. I have CC3, but the learning curve is far above what I want or need. I just want something where I can plug symbols into a map, preferably a hex grid, and save it as a jpg, or similar common- use image.
  2. Jd Smith1

    What are the major challenges facing the RPG industry in the next few years?

    So we have a couple threads going on the RPG industry, and there's a lot of points being tossed around. But I think one question that should be raised is this: what is coming next? When I started in gaming in '79 there were no pdfs, no internet, no remote gaming. Over the years I've seen D&D...
  3. Jd Smith1

    Confess! Tell the most horrible thing you've done to your players

    I'll start: My current group, most of whom have been gaming with me since 2002, are men of limited empathy. The humor at the table is rough. In-game, they operate using the four principles of spite, greed, petty-mindedness, and irrational affections for inconsequential NPCs. A couple years...
  4. Jd Smith1

    The road yet taken; old timers: what is your White Whale setting?

    I've always wanted to play a campaign in a military-focused WW2 setting. Over the years I've studied Behind Enemy Lines, Gear Krieg, Weird War, and Acthung Cthulhu, but never gotten the right combination of campaign ideas to be able to pull it off. So, long-term GMs: what is the setting you've...
  5. Jd Smith1

    Why are sci-fi scenarios so thin on the ground?

    Go to DriveThruRPG, and you can drown in the generic, system-specific, and setting-specific fantasy scenarios (except for War Hammer, which is re-releasing Death on the Reik again). But sci-fi adventures are thin on the ground. Take away Star Wars, Star Trek, and Starfinder, and it's a...
  6. Jd Smith1

    Lesser-known sci-fi settings

    So I'm looking into a future sci-fi campaign. I have the rules system, and initially it was going to be a modified Star Wars setting, but after watch the new SW TV series, that came to a screeching halt. I have no interest in Star Trek or any of it's spin-offs. Coriolis and Traveller are out...
  7. Jd Smith1

    Best RPG star sector

    Game system is immaterial; what is the best-detailed star sector supplement? Not world, not a solar system, but sector: numerous planetary systems connected by trade and politics. To be clear: a sector, not just one sun circled by an improbable number of occupied planets. There's the various...
  8. Jd Smith1

    What is the best low-magic fantasy system?

    My group is ready for a low-magic setting, and 5e won't handle that. What's the best low-magic fantasy system? I don't need a setting, just a system.
  9. Jd Smith1

    Take a look at a thumbnail premise for a Star Wars campaign

    My players want a Star Wars campaign, but I am hesitant because I've only seen the first three movies and bits of two more. However, I've worked up premise outline for their review to test the waters. Tell me what you think. We'll be using the 5e/Star Wars conversion rules. Adjusted Timeline...
  10. Jd Smith1

    Where can I find a Star Wars setting timeline?

    Not one that focuses on the movies, books, comics, and cartoons, but just a layout of the 'history' of the setting.
  11. Jd Smith1

    5E Setting up a hold

    So the 5e Strongholds supplement isn't doing it. The PCs are preparing to retake, and re-occupy a Dwarven stronghold. The place is already built. Suitable populations are available (refugees and the survivors of the original occupants). Basically they're setting up a colony of sorts. The key I...
  12. Jd Smith1

    5E Generating spellcasters

    So it is becoming evident that my monsters need more spellcasting support. Is there a source for pre-made spellcasters, particularly evils ones, level 9+? I hate to keep tossing identical NPCs at the party, but working up a good spell list is time consuming. The key is spell lists. I need...
  13. Jd Smith1

    3E/3.5 the 3e skill system

    I quit D&D/D20 after 1e, and did not return until 5e. I like 5e, but I was thumbing through the various editions which I had missed, and I was struck by the way it seemed to do more than 5es, especially in the way it allowed you to customize your character. How was it in actual gameplay?
  14. Jd Smith1

    What are the two best Star Wars books on the structure and composition of the Empire

    Since my players shot down The Expanse RPG as a campaign setting, I have embarked on creating a Star Wars variant background which will neutralize my player's superior knowledge of the franchise (I've only seen the original three movies, and I'm not sure I saw the entirety of the third). We'll...
  15. Jd Smith1

    General Is there a better summary of Midgard?

    So I'm looking over the Midgard Worldbook; I had never encountered this setting before. I like what I see, but the sheer volume of material really makes me doubtful of trying to run a campaign in it. Is there a shorter, most concise setting book?
  16. Jd Smith1

    Best Character backstories/protrayal in a long-term campaign

    Another thread got me thinking about this. I'm 'meh' about non-Human races because a few sessions into a campaign they're virtually indistinguishable from Human PCs. What I enjoy seeing, and reward lavishly, are PC backgrounds which are portrayed, and impact, the entirely of a long campaign...
  17. Jd Smith1

    5E Scenarios in a Drow City

    Yes, I'm posting again. So I fell in love with the Drow when the G & D series initially came out in 1979 (or maybe 1980), but I've never really gotten a good scenario outof them. I purchased Oones Drow City maps (For VTT, yiu cannot beat Oones for quality and price-friendly)...
  18. Jd Smith1

    5E Need some help with a device (Solved)

    My 5e campaign has 23 sessions in, and its time to hit the PCs with a drag on their finances concealed in the guise of something useful. I'm going to let them acquire what I call a Dwarven Tribute Wagon: Basically, it has a permanent Levitate spell on its frame which offsets a lot of the...
  19. Jd Smith1

    New players: your recruiting standards

    This came up in another thread, but I didn't want to drift the topic, so I thought I would start a new thread. For face-to-face groups, what are your dos and don'ts for new players? What do you look for, who do you avoid or seek, what standards do you apply? My current group is a bit older...
  20. Jd Smith1

    5E Armor house rule

    My players are very happy with 5e, but they are not pleased with the armor system. If you get hit, it doesn't matter at all whether you wear armor or not. I was thinking of a house rule where heavy armor was fairly easy to hit (because the weight and reduced vision), but it soaks damage. Say AC...