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  1. ManBagel

    5E Dual Wielder Feat Fix

    You master fighting with two weapons, gaining the following benefits: You gain a +1 bonus to AC while you are wielding a separate melee weapon in each hand. You can use two-weapon fighting even when the one handed melee weapons you are wielding aren’t light. You can draw or stow two...
  2. ManBagel

    5E Wild Card Rogue question

    So one of the fighting styles is a razor card. So everything points to it allowing sneak attack damage, but the blade feature makes it seem like it only benefits from sneak attack if you roll a 1,3,4 on the d4. Do you add sneak attack to the attack and if you roll a 1 you add half the sneak...
  3. ManBagel

    5E 1 level of Nature Cleric vs 1 level of Druid

    So I plan on multiclassing a rogue with a level to get some nature flavored spells. I looked at druid and nature cleric I find that Druid doesn’t give as much as Nature Cleric. Druid Benefits Druidic In most campaigns it’s useless. If there is a second Druid in the party you can leave messages...
  4. ManBagel

    5E Blink Dog Familiar

    So I was watching a video by Runesmith about Blink Dogs and Displacer Beasts. He said that in some rare cases Blink Dogs are sold as puppies and if a bond isn’t formed strong enough it will run away. I searched up if there were stats and like many cool ideas, Critical Role already has Nugget as...
  5. ManBagel

    5E Curse of Strahd story 1

    My character was fighting in a war and lost his arm. While bleeding out, Terrian The King of Wolves and Earth, offered me the pact under one condition. Kill Strahd and bury those you kill. When a wolf is buried they go to his domain, like a wolf heaven. Those that do wrong his children torture...
  6. ManBagel

    5E Rogue Resilient Feat

    So my rogue/bard has a 13 in strength and a 10 in constitution. We are using a point buy system and after putting points in other stats I have one left over. This is my question. Would getting the Resilent Feat for Con saves later be worth it on the rogue? The 11 in con means that I get a 12 in...
  7. ManBagel

    5E Rogue Bard! What subclass for bard?

    I plan on making a skill monkey character rogue/bard combo that isn’t meant to be the best build. 3 levels of bard for that expertise and the subclass. I’m having trouble picking between UA Satire and Lore. I get the same amount of skill proficiencies since I got Deception, and Thieves Tools...
  8. ManBagel

    5E Rogue Subclass Idea

    So I thought of making a rogue subclass that is time focused. If you could give ways to reword or ability changes that would be great. This is a really rough draft of abilities, and ideas for changes would be helpful. Thanks in Advance. Roguish Archetype: Journeyers Some Rogues have a changed...
  9. ManBagel

    5E Thief Archetype Fast Hand uses

    So I plan on playing a thief and I would like to know what is on the shopping list for the Fast Hands ability. Healer Feat+Fast Hands sounds nice, but I need to know what is considered using an object. If it’s no problem, please list items. Current List: Healers Kit Caltrops Ball Bearings
  10. ManBagel

    5E Thief Combo Idea

    So I heard that a familiar can give advantage and within reason it is worth it to get Magic initiate feat. I was looking through spells and saw Guiding Bolt. Thief Rogues can use an object as a bonus action. This means that they can create spell scrolls of Guiding Bolt use it as a bonus action...
  11. ManBagel

    5E Magic Intiative Feat question

    What are the best choices for a Bard/Rogue. I was thinking shield, Firebolt, and a utility cantrip.
  12. ManBagel

    5E Starting Weapon Idea

    I plan on running a campaign and I was wondering if I could start off the players with a Moonblade. I was thinking of the weapon not believing in killing and it can cast spare the dying to stop those the blade harms from dying. Like a curse for it’s beliefs. I was also thinking it acts like the...
  13. ManBagel

    5E Sorcerer Changes

    So I have seen a lot of chats fixing sorcerer and I was wondering how the best way to fix it would be. I have a few examples on what I think would help sorcerers. • Origin Spells I would say origin spells aren’t like normal subclass spells. I think like Divine Soul you should get a list and...
  14. ManBagel

    5E Feat: Acrobatic Flyer

    Acrobatic Flyer “You have learn how to do stunts while flying that others find impossible. You have a way to fly that makes you a danger in combat with the right altitude.” Prerequisite: a way to gain a flying speed such as a wizard who can cast fly or an innate flying speed. While you have a...
  15. ManBagel

    5E Flying Tiefling question

    So I’m playing a tiefling warlock that has made a pact with a Prince of Earth. I get Featherfall from it, so I was wondering if I could fly up in the air dive down at full speed with my staff and cast featherfall at the last second after I hit the enemy. How much extra damage would it do...
  16. ManBagel

    5E Pact of The Chain Change Ideas

    Pact of The Chain doesn’t really give you any benefits after level 3 expect for a really bad version of hold monster. So I was thinking what about you could gain more familiar options as they level up? Like the current 4 at 3rd level and then a new one at 5th level. I find it a bit strange where...
  17. ManBagel

    5E Homebrew question. Elemental Warlock.

    So I found a pact I want to play and I asked the DM and they are fine with it. I was looking through it and something caught my eye at the end. Familiars. If you pick Pact of The Chain you can choose familiars unique to the pact. Being any variation of a mephit. Now I see that they all have...
  18. ManBagel

    5E Vampire Transformation Benefits and Drawbacks

    So in the MM the benefits from becoming a vampire are stupidly good for the downsides since you can fix two off the bat. Sunlight and Running Water. Now I don’t know why this isn’t what vampires wear, but why wouldn’t they steal waterproof clothes + Full body cover? I don’t know if I’m wrong...
  19. ManBagel

    5E Vampire Wish

    So I was wondering if as a part of the wish spell I could make it where I can choose to revert someone’s alignment back to before they were a vampire. (So the player has control.) My question now is what would be the wording to do this? Having a party member who is a vampire would be awesome in...