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    5E Roll the die

    The can in that statement is merely indicating the possibility that the d20 will roll 1 and thus activate a Wild Magic Surge, there is NO option to avoid rolling. The Tides of Chaos almost guarantees there will eventually be a Wild Magic Surge, but it's totally at the whim of the GM. After...
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    D&D 5th/Next Basic Rules Table of Contents

    The Basic Rules has been released, and much to my chagrin it has neither Table of Contents nor Index. So I've made a basic one page Table of Contents with the stuff I hope will be most helpful to as many people as possible, new or old players. It's not perfect, but it should help people find...
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    Buildings in N.O.W.

    I'm totally jumping the gun here, but I thought I'd throw this out. O.L.D. has Strongholds N.E.W. has Starships N.O.W. has ??? I'd suggest Hangouts, Headquarters, or Safehouses. Exactly which you had would kind of match the campaign. After all, what good show didn't have someplace the...