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    5E D&D Beyond Player Tools app is now live!

    Was hoping that I would be able to see my players‘ characters, no just my own.
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    Fantasy Grounds Stats Show Massive Pandemic Bump

    Well I am sure that it will only go high as time goes on. I am moving the game I DM at my FLGS to Fantasy Grounds starting this Saturday. Had to delay while everyone got systems setup. Also know a couple guys at work would like me to run some for them too.
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    5E Ed Greenwood's Border Kingdoms Now Available (& Official!)

    I am in Canada awhile and I cannot believe their shipping costs. I wish they would get a Canadian printer for Canadian customers. In the meantime, I just build up a wishlist and do a mass order when I have several items.
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    The Troubleshooters RPG

    I am so looking forward to the Kickstarter now. I find the game mechanics very interesting.