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    4E Adjusting 4e for a modern Cthulhu game

    The advantage is that I have fairly casual players who won't be willing to pick up and learn another system. I think I could have them wrap their heads around the concept of PCs/investigators/main characters to the story who are above average. The other advantage to a modern campaign is that I...
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    4E Adjusting 4e for a modern Cthulhu game

    Has anyone tried this?
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    4E Wonko's 4E Auto Character Sheet + Custom Power Cards

    Okay, crew, let's chill just a little bit here. One thing that might help is rather than questioning other people's technical competence, we stick to stating our own points of view.
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    4E Lack of Wizard Feat Choice in 4e?

    There is also Toughness, and the feats that add damage to elemental damage. My wizard PC took Burning Blizzard. Hopefully more will be added with Arcane Power--but the feat choice isn't what I really want to see. I'm more interested in seeing if Arcane Power adds some choices to the Wizard...
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    4E Wonko's 4E Auto Character Sheet + Custom Power Cards

    Show me what to change where, and if I have time (said the full-time MBA student), I'll add stuff in.
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    4E Some 4e house rules I'm considering...

    If you go with some kind of lingering wounds, then you'll have to build in the downtime for the PCs to heal them. Most of the games have had intense time pressure, where the ability to break for 6 weeks for a leg to heal wouldn't be remotely possible. In 6 weeks, the world would be ended...
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    4E Is 4E doing it for you?

    Okay, guys, if you don't know the rules of ENWorld because you're new here, go ahead and hit the link at the top of the forum immediately. Or follow this link: http://www.enworld.org/forum/general-rpg-discussion/announcement-rules-please-read.html The rules. Know them. Love them. Live them.
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    3E/3.5 4E reminded me how much I like 3E

    Two words. Disintegrated red dragon. Well, that's three words, and required a certain optimized alteration specialist wizard. :angel: Wow, what an anti-climactic end to a campaign. Not that this is the only thing we ever disagreed on, or even the most important. ;)
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    1E Do you think 4e is d20 1e?

    Yeah, THACO is really a derivative of the attack charts. I also don't think that 4E is moving back to a single-class mentality. What's been dribbled about Paragon Paths and Epic Destinies is sort of hinting at some sort of implied multi-classing. One of the other things that I think is...
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    4E making a witch in 4e

    Nanny McPhee?
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    4E The First 4E Change that I simply cannot support....

    Okay, enough people seem to have forgotten the rules. I'm hoping it's a temporary lapse.
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    4E Your plans for 4e

    *shrug* I'm totally waiting for http://imdb.com/title/tt0865556/ 4e will probably get me back to DMing. Either a local group or through the DDI.
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    4E POL Settings in Literature to Base 4e Settings On

    Piers Anthony's Xanth Stasheff's Warlock series Donaldson's Thomas Covenant books Wurts' War of Light and Shadow
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    4E 4E is like WoW (NOT!)

    Yeah, they are. Arcane missiles is channeled, so if you're attacked (and don't have the talent), you lose effect, but have already spent the mana. Shadowbolt is closer to fireball/frostbolt. All three are delayed in casting when attacked, but no mana is spent until completion. Not seeing...
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    4E What was Paizo thinking? 3.75 the 4E clone?

    Paizo will also have incurred an opportunity cost. As someone that will almost definitely make the move up to 4e, one of the things I'll be looking for is a 3rd party alternative "adventure path". I was hoping that Paizo could have had the opportunity to provide that service to me, but that...
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    4E 4E is like WoW (NOT!)

    Which, as I trace it, were borrowed and expanded from BECMI D&D.
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    4E Anyone know a Pro-4e site?

    The only suggestion I have for that is that you do have an ignore list. This is especially useful if you're noticing that it is a small-ish group that is continually detracting from your enjoyment of the site here.
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    4E 4e Competition/Alternatives?

    Earthdawn is my favorite system ever (mechanics included). It is also actually quite easy to divorce the implied setting from the rules. At least I was able to create an Arabian Nights setting with some new classes and races with very little difficulty. Ars Magica is the one game that I've...
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    4E What will your first 4E campaign look like?

    I'll be looking at either a new campaign in my current campaign world looking at a different region. My current campaign is basically about a war of unification as people who are fleeing persecution in the Old Empire have colonized a new area and broken away. Now they're trying to convert the...
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    4E Going/Not Going to 4E which edition did you start with?

    I quoted Eric's post because we started with the same set. I'm looking forward to switching to 4E because as tech-savvy as I am (I am a computer engineer, after all), when I'm playing D&D or doing campaign/adventure prep, I don't necessarily want to feel like I need a computer program to help...