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  1. Col_Pladoh

    Con Report: Winterdark II in Lake Geneva

    Greetings All, Winterdark II was a great little gathering of gamers. Attendance was up from the first year, but didn't quite fill the large con room, As usual for the events here in Lake Geneva there was no trouble finding a game and playing. What was unusual for me is that because of a fall my...
  2. Col_Pladoh

    A Great New Fantasy Card Game

    Happy Christmas! I just have to plug the Adventurer card game, "Castle Deck" by K.R. Boirgoine as it is a most enjoyable and brand new offering of dungeon-like adventure for 2 to 6 (the basic set has only 4 player "Hero" cards, but you can make your own so as to expand the number). Each Hero...
  3. Col_Pladoh

    A Great New Fantasy Card Game

    Happy Christmas! I just have to plug the Adventurer card game, "Castle Deck" by K.R. Boirgoine as it is a most enjoyable and brand new offering of dungeon-like adventure for 2 to 6 (the basic set has only 4 player "Hero" cards, but you can make your own so as to expand the number). Each Hero...
  4. Col_Pladoh

    Looking for LA game module designer(s)

    Greetings Seekers, I am seeling one or more module designers knowledgeable in the LA game system and ready, willing, and able to write an adventure module of c. 10,000 words length. About 10 years ago I did a generic module, and the rights to it have been returned to me. 1. The original...
  5. Col_Pladoh


    CODE MONKEYS "APPEARANCE" For those interested, I'll be on next Wednesday's Code Monkey program in the 9 PM slot. It is D&D-based, of course. Cheers, Gary
  6. Col_Pladoh

    Gary Gygax: A Brief Gencon Xl Report

    A BRIEF GENCON XL REPORT This is being sent to several lists, posted on the websites I frequent, so as to not miss anyone. As this is written on the Wednesday after our return I am still not fully recovered from the whole event. What follows is a terse précis of my trip to Indy and the...
  7. Col_Pladoh

    Lake Geneva Gaming Convention III

    Troll Lord Games is sponsoring the LGGC III at The Cove in Lake Geneva. The dates are 15-17 June. Check it out at this URL: http://www.lggc.net/ This is a small, informal and friendly gathering with some "name" guests just hanging out, running and playing games, and having fun. Come on by and...
  8. Col_Pladoh

    I'm Back...Sorta

    Howdy Fellows, I am well on the road to recovery now from the shingles, even though the old left eye is still bothersome when strained. At least I can read for short periods of time now without double vision. The doctor assures me that the eye is not affected. My main debility is a lack of...
  9. Col_Pladoh

    Lejendary Adventure Game Ezine Premiers

    As some of you are interested in the LA game system, this just in from the publisher and editor of the Portal magazine: COMING SOON TO A DESKTOP NEAR YOU... .... The journey through the recently discovered ruins, and the dank dungeons below, have proven to be a great challenge to you and your...
  10. Col_Pladoh

    Real Thieves Loose at GenCon

    Sadly, I must pass along that my son Alex had all of his MtG cards stolen last weekend at GenCon. He turned his back for only a minute, and they were gone in that time. Obviously some wretched person had marked him. Although he had about $1,000 into the collection, and it was worth about twice...
  11. Col_Pladoh

    Old School Module by Rob Kuntz

    Howdy! As some of you must know, Rob Kuntz os not only taking the lead in developing the castle and dungeons from our old Greyhawk campaign but he has designed a special module, Cairn of the Skeleton King, available in a limited edition of only 500 copies, some half of which remain, but they...
  12. Col_Pladoh

    When you are DMing your setting

    Hail Fellows! For those who believe that the medieval period was really backwards and had no amenites, take a look at this website: http://traditioninaction.org/History/A_005_Myths1500s.shtml Note well the advanced archirecture depicted. 8) Gary
  13. Col_Pladoh

    The Canadian National Expo—Great Fun!

    The Canadian National Expo—Great Fun! Salutations! We, that is my wife Gail, son Alex, and I, set off for Toronto at 4 AM morning on Thursday 25 August to catch the ferry across Lake Michigan—Milwaukee to Muskegon—departing at 6:30. It was a great, if pricy crossing of about two-hour length...
  14. Col_Pladoh

    Release of the Hall of Many Panes

    Greetings Fellows! A bit remiss in this, but someone reminded me that I was going to announce the publication of my campaign-length module, the Hall of Many Panes. Sorry, as it has been out for a good month, but you can check it out here if so motivated: http://www.trolllord.com/homp.htm...
  15. Col_Pladoh

    Covnebtion Listing Website

    Howdy, I believe that the website indicated below is performing a most valuable service to dedicated gamers. As the memebrs of this forum are certainly dedicated gamers, I think you will find the con listing website highly useful and worthy of support by posting con news there and using it to...
  16. Col_Pladoh

    Bearded Female Dwarves: The Latest Word

    Enlightened Readers! Please note the following passage quoted from Terry Pratchett's novel, The Fifth Elephant, page 35 of the Harper Torch paperback, 2000: "Cheery had retained her beard and round iron helmet, of course. It was one thing to declare you were female, but quite unthinkable to...
  17. Col_Pladoh

    Lake Geneva Gaming Convention 29-32 July

    Greetings Seekers, Troll Lord Games is sponsoring a mini-con here in Lake Geneva:) There is limited space, so if you plan to attend sign up immediately! The information follwing is from Steve at Troll Lord Games: Cheers, Gary TEMPORARY WEB ADDRESS: http://www.trolllord.com/lggc.htm...
  18. Col_Pladoh

    Lake Geneva Gaming Convention 29-32 July

    Deleted due to wrong category
  19. Col_Pladoh

    Redmond Simonsen Obituary

    Good Fellows: I don't know if this is the proper place for this notice, but as Redmond Simonsen was a major figure in the gaming hobby, I thought it needed to be broadcast. http://www.nytimes.com/2005/03/16/obituaries/16simonsen.html?ex=1111640400&en=7a9690288b9b64c0&ei=5070 Sincerely, Gary
  20. Col_Pladoh

    Bragging Rights!

    Well Pilgrims... According to the Dec/Jan issue of Sync magazine: "The 50 biggest Nerds of All TIme" "1 Gary Gygax Co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons and father of role-playing games. ... In the pantheon of nerds, you rule supreme. Long live the nerd king!" (That tops the Milwaukee Magazine of...