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    Free Stuff During The Pandemic!

    More STL freebies: https://www.duncanshadow.com/product-page/dino-s-group-one https://www.duncanshadow.com/product-page/dino-s-group-2
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    Free Stuff During The Pandemic!

    From a mini-painting FB group, one of the 3d modelers is giving away a set of monster STL files that normally goes for $25. https://nickeyshatchery.com/product/mutants-pack/ Use coupon code ""StayHomeAndPrint"
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    The official EN World puppy/doggo thread

    We tried trimming my dog with a set of those electric clippers, but the sound freaked her out and had her lunging at the clippers trying to run off with them. So... careful scissors-trimming it is. She's pretty calm about it and we haven't had any problems. Usually we can cut the outer edge...
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    Hot wire foam cutter?

    I love my Proxxon, especially with the Shifting Lands circle cutter jig and "Guider Pro". That said, there's a lot that can be done with the right blade. I'm at work right now where YouTube is blocked so I can't look up the specific video to link, but if you look for a channel called "Bard's...
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    1E Which NEW class from a Dragon Magazine did you play or allow ?

    The only one I actually had a chance to try was their re-imagining of the Bard as a viable class on its own rather than the original high-level multi-classed monstrosity from the appendix of the PHB. Don't remember much about it though, as the campaign fizzled out after just a few sessions.
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    UA New Unearthed Arcana: Psionics!

    I like the idea of psionic powers in general in a D&D setting, but back in my AD&D days (after which I took a 30ish year break and returned to 5e a year or so ago :p) they were a clunky optional add-on. Dragon Magazine introduced a Psionicist class back in the 80s, which looked fun, though I...
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    ... or have access to a 3D printer or are willing to pay someone who does to print some for you. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3025546
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    Ultimate Dungeon Terrain

    I'm planning to give one of these a try to supplement my tiles & other terrain stuff I've made. The relatively small size of most of them puts me off a little - I tend to have a fair number of outdoor encounters that start at long range, fights using hallways as choke points, etc. - but...
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    They're not exactly pretty, but they offer a flexible solution: if you have access to a 3D printer or are willing to pay a service to print them, there are a number of models out there (free & paid) of horses and other mounts with little platforms on them so you can drop a D&D-"medium"-based...
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    Kickstarter Traveller Kickstarter - Deepnight Revelation Funded, Plus 3 Hardbacks!

    Which of the many Traveller edition(s) is this written for? I played classic Traveller back in the 80s and I'm thinking about starting up a hard-SF campaign next year with Mongoose Traveller high on the list for consideration. Seems like this campaign could be a good way to go.
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    TSR Jim Ward: Demons & Devils, NOT!

    I'm not aware of any specific data on the popularity of any of Tolkien's work in Nazi Germany, but it's a matter of public record that in 1938 his publisher was negotiating a German-language edition of The Hobbit. Tolkien's letter in response to a request for proof of his "aryan" heritage is...
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    Thanks, will have to check those out.
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    Humanoid PC/NPC minis whose body types fall somewhere in between the extremes of "supermodel" and "Jabba". Skinny minis abound and there are a few exaggeratedly fat ones, but not much else Besides D&D I play a superheroes game, and more minis geared toward that genre would be welcome. Tearing...
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    Change Your DTRPG Password Now!

    It looks like they're forcing password changes across the board - I got e-mail last night that my password had been reset and I needed to hit the "forgot password" link on any of the affiliated sites to retrieve the new one.
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    His Dark Materials (tv)

    I wasn't even a big fan of the books, though I can't really pinpoint why. Maybe they felt like they were trying too hard to be the anti-Narnia. Didn't care for the movie, either. ... and yet, I'm looking forward hopefully to this TV series.
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    RPGs Have a Health Problem

    I struggle to understand how any company outside the WotC/GW/Paizo triumvirate can possibly make enough money to offer reasonable pay to full-time employees, let alone afford US healthcare coverage. Sure., the market has grown a lot and become more mainstream, but it seems like the growth is...
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    The official EN World puppy/doggo thread

    Sadie is our Border Collie / Blue Heeler mix, seen here amidst a pile of things that go squeak.
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    5E What about D&D 5e levels 21-30?

    Double secret multiverse. Shhhh.
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    5E What about D&D 5e levels 21-30?

    It seems to me that it would be really difficult to build compelling, interesting adventures around level 20+ characters who in many cases can change the world with a single action. It's the Superman problem - characters so powerful that you have to either constantly throw them up against...
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    5E D&D Crossovers

    My Mighty Protectors campaign crossed over into a D&D-like world which I built entirely using the MP rule set, whereas in hindsight it would have been a lot easier to just create D&D versions of the main characters and play using actual D&D rules just to minimize the sheer volume of prep work :)