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  1. pkt77242

    5E DMsGuild Christmas in July Sale is on!

    I1 Dwellers of the Forbidden City Dwellers of the Forbidden City Dragonlance Adventures Dragonlance Adventures
  2. pkt77242

    5E Worst Classes Level 1.

    Definitely Warlocks for worst 1st level class. Paladins, Fighters and some Clerics are great at 1st level.
  3. pkt77242

    5E Icewind Dale Dice

    only a bag?
  4. pkt77242

    General How much dice do you own?

    Currently, I have about 150-200 dice but I have backed 3 dice Kickstarters for which I am awaiting the rewards. So about another 100 dice are coming my way in the next 6 months.....
  5. pkt77242

    5E Is there even a new D&D setting?

    If he ever gets the movie made....you can bet that there will be a setting book.
  6. pkt77242

    5E Is there even a new D&D setting?

    You mean like being involved with a script for a movie based on Dragons of Autumn Twilight.... What Joe Manganiello’s Possible Dragonlance Movie Might Contain | Geek and Sundry
  7. pkt77242

    5E Is there even a new D&D setting?

    While I agree that default DL isn’t very gritty, it depends on the time period. Play in a campaign right after the Cataclysm and it can be very gritty.
  8. pkt77242

    5E Green Ronin's Book of Fiends for 5E

    They did not “take over” the RPG. It was their Kickstarter from the beginning. I agree that they have had some unforeseeable issues but I don’t agree with the wording to say that they have taken it over.
  9. pkt77242

    5E Green Ronin's Book of Fiends for 5E

    I don’t know which one Brian was referencing but the backers of the Lost Citadel for 5E are still waiting for the physical books which is almost 2 years behind schedule.... The Lost Citadel — Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy Roleplaying ETA: I did not back it but someone in my group did.
  10. pkt77242

    5E Is there even a new D&D setting?

    Why do you feel the need to piss in other’s Cheerios? I for one would love a Dragonlance setting for 5E set either during the War of the Lance or right after.
  11. pkt77242

    5E The Return of Tyranny of Dragons: First Impressions

    It is currently available POD from DMsGuild.
  12. pkt77242

    5E How many classess/subclasses is too much?

    I really wanted an arcane half caster class as well. The bladesinger would have fit much better as a half caster instead of a full caster.
  13. pkt77242

    5E Ban Variant-Human! Impact?

    Or dungeon crawling or in caves, etc. it is a huge negative if you are trying to be stealthy and it is extremely important for “stealthy” classes. How is your human rogue sneaking up on anyone in the dark?
  14. pkt77242

    5E Ban Variant-Human! Impact?

    1. That isn’t what free means. There is a cost associated. 2. In your opinion it is inferior. Having said that why not limit what feats can be chosen by variant humans instead of removing the variant human. No GWM, No sharpshooter, etc.
  15. pkt77242

    5E Ban Variant-Human! Impact?

    I don’t think that I have ever seen a standard human in play. I agree that the number of humans in play will plummet.
  16. pkt77242

    5E Ban Variant-Human! Impact?

    According to point 1, you want to make it so that the player can’t have all of his offensive elements until a level that you believe they won’t reach in practice? Am I missing something? Also without the variant human, humans are kind of blah. The feat helps offset not having dark vision.
  17. pkt77242

    Dragon Talk: Margaret Weis

    If they release a Dragonlance setting book....
  18. pkt77242

    Dice Bag Kickstarter

    There is a great Kickstarter for Dice bags right now, https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1398817948/more-cool-dice-bags?ref=user_menu I have backed a Kickstarter from the company before and their bags are really nice and the customer service is great. *Not affiliated with the company, just...
  19. pkt77242

    Spectacular Settlements Kickstarter by Nord Games

    Just wanted to say that there is a great Kickstarter out there, Spectacular Settlements by Nord Games. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nordgames/spectacular-settlements-for-5th-edition/description I have backed a few of their Kickstarters and I have found that their products are really...