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  1. J

    General Dead in Thay delisted from DM Guild?

    Was re-downloading some DM Guild purchases from earlier this year, and noticed that the product page for Dreams of the Red Wizards: Dead in Thay was no longer available. (I can still download it from my purchase history, fortunately.) Anyone know why it was removed?
  2. J

    Barbarian - Path of the Spellbreaker

    Some players in my campaign are interested in a non-magical character that can break through magical effects, so I built the following as an experiment. My chief inspirations were the 1E Barbarian, 3E's Forsaker prestige class, the Superstitious Barbarian archetype from Pathfinder, and the...
  3. J

    5E Goliath - Stone's Endurance alternative

    So my brother and I were talking, and it seems to us that the goliath's "1d12 + Con bonus in damage reduction as reaction" doesn't scale very well past low levels. (And while effective, it certainly doesn't seem strong enough for their best trait.) This made us look at the dragonborn... and...
  4. J

    5E NPC Features races as PC races

    For those who don't know, page 282 of the DMG has this neat table with ability modifiers and features for several Monster Manual races. The idea is that you apply those features to NPC stat blocks to make them a member of said race. What I'm wondering is, how many of these are viable for...
  5. J

    5E More details on races/class creation after the DMG?

    Would have posted this in the other thread, but it's been completely overtaken by the Eladrin debate... Mike Mearls' recent AMA (summarized here and here by an awesome guy) included this exchange: What are your thoughts on the homebrewing of classes? I would love to see some basic class...
  6. J

    5E Replacing Use Magic Device

    The Rogue's ability to "fake" the requirements for using magic items has always bugged me. 5E came tantalizingly close to removing this, but it's still part of the Thief subclass. So, does anyone have any suggestions for an alternative Thief ability to replace it? Has this been addressed in...
  7. J

    5E Early release dates - Starter Set on July 3, PHB on August 8?

    According to this, if you order the Starter Set or PHB at Wizards Play Network stores (look them up here), you can get them almost two weeks early. Considering this gives many brick-and-mortar stores a big advantage over online retailers (you pay more, but you get it sooner), why is it so...
  8. J

    dndclassics.com - Price drop?

    They released 1E's Oriental Adventures and 2E's Arabian Adventures today on dndclassics.com, but instead of the $9.99 they usually charge for books that size, they're listed for $4.99. I don't know if this is a fluke or a test run (to see if cheaper PDFs sell better), but it's something I'd like...
  9. J

    dndclassics.com - not so good so far on boxed sets

    So, they've released four boxed sets so far on dndclassics.com. How have those been so far, you may ask? 1. D&D Basic Set (BECMI): They split it into two purchases, one for each booklet. 2. Dungeon Master's Kit (4E): They only included the booklets, and left out the maps and counters and such...