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    5E Classes that Suck

    I have seen in play, elemental monk, beast master ranger, chaos sorcerer, none hexblade warlock and they were all satisfying characters. Sucks depend mostly on playstyle, and usually those who notice the Sucks have enough experience and tools to correct the situation for their particular gameplay.
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    5E Monks Suck

    Summary Monk suck because they are not the best tank, the best damage dealer, nor the best controler.
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    5E DMG: hard rules or just DM advice?

    Chapter 8, DM guide, the role of dice section give to DM a lot of interpretation power. The section allow DM to ignore dice for the outcome of an action. At first read it seem to apply only to check, but nothing specify that the DM cannot choose the outcome of a save or an attack roll, or any...
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    Worlds of Design: Is Combat Now Passe?

    Combat popularity is growing, there is a lot of game of various style that involve combat now. Apps are very good now, very balanced, very challenging, and can give a better experience of challenge than DnD, But in no apps you can stop a fight and start talking with your opponent to find another...
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    5E Quick! Give me a jungle random encounter

    Raptor Ambush! Meeting with an exploration party, seeking for a hidden city. Meeting with local tribe. Find the wreckage of another air ship.
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    5E Moving ASI; Moving HP, Moving Alignment, & Moving Move Speed

    At this point just make race a cosmetic thing.
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    5E Rename the Monster Manual

    The book of balanced & consensual challenge! or Matterful being manual! or XP budget for dummies!
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    5E Rename the Monster Manual

    We face here the intellectual point of view, that use the hypothesis : « if you stop using offensive words, the offense will disappear. » it is a process of endless washing. That make brew and attract attention, but rarely produce concrete effects.
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    5E D&D Peoples/Species change ideas

    I just hope gnome and halfling will stay small, even if they deserve the right to wield a greatsword.
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    5E 5e: how CC spells affect monster's CR?

    Level 1 party are very fragile vs 1st level spells.
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    5E What does "Railroading" actually mean!? Discount Code on Page 8

    There is rumor of a group of pc that spend three years in a inn, drinking beer and playing cards!
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    TSR Problematic Faves and Early D&D

    I don’t see Fave as a negative behavior. Having a crush on lizard folk, or Asian myth usually evolve and get smarter as you play them. Prohibition sometime just make things worst.
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    TSR Problematic Faves and Early D&D

    What is paradoxal in this matter, is how a offensive book like oriental adventure, can give a lot of information on asian culture, myth, society and thus reduce those shun stereotypes. and removing a book like that will help keep people in ignorance.
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    5E Unearthed Arcana: 16 New Feats

    Not at all, most monster concerned have poison immunity, rather than resistance.
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    Interesting class synergies

    And then the party realize that they been lure in a trap by the BBEG. They attack an illusion, they are now in a kind of anti magic field, surround by a horde of minion....
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    5E Epic Levels 21-30 (please help/give thoughts)

    All depends on what gonna be level 10, 11, 12,... spells .
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    General Has anyone tried removing humans from the game?

    I observe that when you make another race the dominant race they tend to act like human!
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    5E Savage Attacking Rogue

    Savage rogue, savage paladin, classic DnD paradox!
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    General The child stealing food to survive scenario, for alignment

    i don’t what the LG character would do, but the player will certainly help the child!