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  1. Kiraya_TiDrekan

    [Cancelled] The Rise of Vecna, Chapter 1: Oppression

    Kiraya's back and ready to DM. Rules: We'll be using a modified and homebrewed version of the original Dungeons & Dragons game. The feel is there and its mostly the game presented in those little white booklet, but its been tweaked a fair amount. Setting: My homebrew world, Nether Star...
  2. Kiraya_TiDrekan

    Echohawk's Collector's Guides Broken?

    The links on this page to the Collector's Guides don't seem to be working. Is there any other way to get to the Guides now?
  3. Kiraya_TiDrekan

    Albuquerque, New Mexico - Old School D&D

    I am looking to put together a group to play Basic D&D and AD&D 1st Edition, eventually moving on to later editions. We would meet every other Saturday afternoon in a non-smoking house with cats. Looking for four to five players. Please reply here or message me.
  4. Kiraya_TiDrekan

    5E Monster Mayhem: A Little Too Familiar (IC)

    The tiny town of Valen's Rest, named for the hero buried there two generations ago, is barely a dot on the map. With a population of only a couple hundred, the town is often overlooked by the hoards of humanoids, ravening beasts, and marauding dragons that plague the rest of the kingdom. Which...
  5. Kiraya_TiDrekan

    5E Monster Mayhem: A Little Too Familiar (OOC)

    Monster Mayhem! Short adventures focusing on a few critters in the 5E Monster Manual, presented in roughly CR order. Treasure will be handled entirely randomly. XP will be rewarded based on the critters encountered and possible bonus awards for achieving the adventure goal. Each adventure...
  6. Kiraya_TiDrekan

    5E (IC) The Village

    The Search for the Emerald Eye Quickleaf has learned that the thief of the Emerald Eye is also the same necromancer who destroyed Willow's grove. The pair now find themselves approaching the human village of Meviiran. Close to Home Praeden Veeth, Meviiran's Barber and defacto leader, has...
  7. Kiraya_TiDrekan

    5E (Rogues Gallery) The Village

    Players for The Village, please post your finalized characters here. I will also be using the first post to track XP and loot.
  8. Kiraya_TiDrekan

    5E (OOC) (5E) The Village

    87 years ago, brave frontier-folk built a village on the shores of Lake Meviiran. The land is cold, with winter winds blowing down from the Uldorst Mountains across the lake for nearly six months. To the east, the rugged conifers of the Uldorst Wood climb their up the mountains around the far...
  9. Kiraya_TiDrekan

    Wiki Spam

    It looks like the Original D&D wiki page got wiped out and replaced by a spam link. :(
  10. Kiraya_TiDrekan

    [IC] Paths of Legend - To Rule in Hell

    300 years ago the Great Dragon came, bringing all of the peoples to this realm - humans, dwarves, elves, halflings, goblinoids, and many, many others. The Creatures of Madness were here first and the people fought against them to claim this realm as their own. Many died. Many were lost. But...
  11. Kiraya_TiDrekan

    Collectors Guide Wiki

    Has anyone seen Echohawk recently? The Collector's Guides are starting to fall out of date. If its ok with Echohawk and the powers-that-be, I was thinking of taking over keeping them up to date.
  12. Kiraya_TiDrekan

    Paths of Legend: To Rule in Hell - Rogues Gallery

    This thread is the character resource thread for my OD&D PbP - Paths of Legend: To Rule in Hell. Players, please post your finalized, complete characters here, including full stats for henchmen. I will be tracking XP and loot in this first post as well. OOC Thread Kiraya's House of Gaming
  13. Kiraya_TiDrekan

    Classic D&D Products Now Available as Print on Demand

    http://www.dmsguild.com/browse.php?filters=0_0_0_0_0_0_45547_0 Smallish selection so far but I'm sure they will be adding more.
  14. Kiraya_TiDrekan

    [OD&D] [OOC] Paths of Legend: To Rule in Hell

    First things first - I'm back after a very extended absence. I was homeless for about two months and am now getting back on my feet. As such, I want to get back in the PbP GM saddle. This game will be using Original D&D, house ruled and modified to resemble BECMI a bit (so its easier to...
  15. Kiraya_TiDrekan

    Albuquerque, New Mexico - Looking for a group to join

    I have recently moved to New Mexico and would like to join a group - D&D (most editions), Pathfinder, and World of Darkness preferred. Thanks. :)
  16. Kiraya_TiDrekan

    [IC] Horror High - Freshman Year

    High school - most of them are relatively similar. The bustle of teenagers moving through the halls, chatting. The occasional bit of laughter or a teacher's voice filtering through the noise. Today is the first day of a new school year and the Freshman are being herded into the school's...
  17. Kiraya_TiDrekan

    Horror High - Rogues Gallery

    This is the character thread for my D20 Modern Horror High Play-by-Post. Players, please post your finalized characters here.
  18. Kiraya_TiDrekan

    [OOC] Horror High - Freshman Year

    I'm going to give GMing another go (with apologies for the last aborted attempt). Going back to my love of horror with a touch of camp. This game is heavily inspired by Buffy: The Slayer and Cabin in the Woods as well as many, many other horror movies and shows. Belmont High, located in...
  19. Kiraya_TiDrekan

    General DMs Guild Classics Wishlist

    www.dmsguild.com serves up new classic PDFs most Tuesdays but there are still some gaps in their catalog. I have decided to create a list and keep track of what we haven't seen yet in PDF. Note that I have left out most (but not all) of the various Character Sheets, DM Screens, and similar...
  20. Kiraya_TiDrekan

    5E Pirates of the Spheres - Rogues Gallery

    Players for my Pirates of the Spheres PbP please post your characters here.