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  1. Desdichado

    The mandalorian [Spoilers]

    Not trying to speak for the other guy you're arguing with, but you can see those things and still find them somewhat obtuse and wonder where they come from. That IS a writing issue; the motivations of the characters is not very clear, it doesn't make sense why they do the things that they do...
  2. Desdichado

    General Kara-Tur vs Rokugan

    I know it might seem inconceivable to you, but asking someone to stop race-baiting can be done without wanting to "junior-mod". It's called "basic social skills" to be able to talk to someone without having to run to Mommy to tell her to deal with everything we don't like. And no; the AP style...
  3. Desdichado

    Map of Avernus & Other Images

    That last character bears a striking resemblance to Tsathoggua.
  4. Desdichado

    Who in the World is James M. Ward?

    Can't wait to see what Forgotten Ruin has in store for us...
  5. Desdichado

    General Kara-Tur vs Rokugan

    Your view is wrong and designed to cause trouble. Please stop. It's offensive to run around pretending to be offended all of the time.
  6. Desdichado

    General Kara-Tur vs Rokugan

    Yes, quite assertively it is. Yeah, yeah... Hajnal Line High Medieval Europe with a handful of other things thrown in as afterthoughts here and there. Only if you're more interested in China than in Japan. What you call "being a hack" is exactly what you describe for regular European fantasy...
  7. Desdichado

    General Kara-Tur vs Rokugan

    Or it's like doing a tour of Lichenstein and visiting Lichenstein. Most of "fantasy Europe" is actually "fantasy England" and that's fine. I mean, when's the last time your fantasy Europe included anything like Albania or Hungary? There's nothing wrong with basing your fantasy East mostly on...
  8. Desdichado

    General Kara-Tur vs Rokugan

    Why does it need to do that?
  9. Desdichado

    General Kara-Tur vs Rokugan

    The greater the expansion of furries (and... featheries? Scalies?) in a given OA setting, the less attractive it is to normal people. It's wise to minimize them, and even offer a cultural apologia for them if you include them at all.
  10. Desdichado

    General Kara-Tur vs Rokugan

    Oh, yeah? Available online, or in print? I'm genuinely curious where I can find it. I can get the old OA on pds easily enough, but clearly that won't give me anything at all like modern rules*. Not that I need them, but I'm curious to look over them. *For certain crotchety old fart...
  11. Desdichado

    General Kara-Tur vs Rokugan

    Compared to what? Kara-Tur doesn't have that either.
  12. Desdichado

    General Kara-Tur vs Rokugan

    In my case, I'm really only familiar with Rokugan from the D&D books, so whatever was going on with the other stuff I don't know about. I suppose I'm talking about taking the D&D stuff in print and using it to play D&D in the setting, moreso than doing anything else with the stuff. Converting...
  13. Desdichado

    General Kara-Tur vs Rokugan

    Not that there's a lot of votes yet, but I'm a little surprised that there aren't ANY votes for Rokugan. Really? Is Kara-Tur really THAT much better? Why? In what way?
  14. Desdichado

    General Kara-Tur vs Rokugan

    You are Brannich Blacksmoke.
  15. Desdichado

    General Kara-Tur vs Rokugan

    Ready! Fight! Hadouken! Seriously, though—although my own interest and exposure to chinoiserie in fantasy is somewhat limited, I'm curious what people who are familiar with both settings think about them compared and contrasted to each other. Which one would you prefer, and why? What are the...
  16. Desdichado

    Looking for the book with this art

    Years ago, I grabbed a rather tall, vertical Wayne Reynolds piece out of the Wizards art galleries. It features a few fighter types—dwarves, I think, being overwhelmed by a horde of undead. But now I can't find the file I grabbed, and I have no idea which book it was in. I'd look through my...
  17. Desdichado

    PF1E Is Golarion an "evolving" setting, or is it static?

    Let's say for the sake of argument that there's an adventure path centered around closing the Worldwound link to the Abyss and in the final adventure of the AP, the Worldwould is closed. Ahem. Does this mean that the setting has now changed--or is this just an adventure that happens for the...
  18. Desdichado

    5E Bounded Accuracy: does it deliver as promised?

    I haven't played 5e. I may not for some time. We're still hip-deep in a Star Wars campaign with my group, and next on the docket is the Horror on the Orient Express campaign for Call of Cthulhu. It'll be better part of a year--at best--before we're back to D&D again, and frankly, with a group...
  19. Desdichado

    PF1E Where does Pathfinder go from here?

    The other day the thought occurred to me: Pathfinder has been out for a pretty good while now. We're really digging into fairly esoteric rules supplements by now. Campaign setting supplements are now starting to repeat themselves (another Osirion book? What's wrong with the older Osirion...