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  1. Grimstaff

    Release Monte Cook’s Numenera setting comes to 5e with Beneath the Monolith

    Are the characters on the cover the kid from Adventure Time and his mutable dog?
  2. Grimstaff

    Fading Suns Hits Kickstarter

    “€50 for the pdf...” That’s some bold pricing right there...
  3. Grimstaff

    Podcast #86: Cubicle 7 - Doctor Who, Middle-earth, and Warhammer with Dominic McDowall

    Any TL;DR on the Lord of the Rings stuff for those of us with limited listening time?
  4. Grimstaff

    TSR The Beginning: 1968 and Meeting Gary Gygax and the Gygax Family

    Great story Rob, thanks for sharing. I look forward to more articles in this series. As a married man with kids I always marvel at how Gary was able to devote so much time, often impromptu it seems, to his hobby - more than a little jealous lol.
  5. Grimstaff

    5E Baldur's Gate: Descent Into Avernus First Impressions

    It’s not that big of a problem to start a campaign book at 3rd or even 5th level instead of 1st. Tier 1 adventures are easy to scale up by simply increasing the number of foes or their hit points, and they get to have some fun carving through easy opponents before the adventure levelcatches up...
  6. Grimstaff

    5E Greg Tito Gives First Look at Eberron: Rising from the Last War

    I thought it was the guy from Full Metal Alchemist. Probably there to catch that Pikachu.
  7. Grimstaff

    5E Eberron: Rising from the Last War Coming For D&D In November

    The alternate cover, however, is fantastic!
  8. Grimstaff

    PF2E It's Finally Here! The Pathfinder 2E Review

    PF2 does look interesting. I made of couple of characters with the assistance of the online SRD. They seem streamlined, but definitely heavy on the feats, which seems like it will need a lot of referencing back and forth to the rules. It is very similar to 4e D&D, which isn’t necessarily a bad...
  9. Grimstaff

    PF2E Pirates & Gray Maidens: Archetypes in Pathfinder 2nd Edition!

    Fear taxes are evolving into a fiscal feat economy
  10. Grimstaff

    SF Here's the cover of INCIDENT AT ABSALOM STATION, the first adventure in Starfinder's DEAD SUNS AP!

    This would have been a good opportunity to change up the old "stick a big npc portrait in front of the art" design their ap's all feature.
  11. Grimstaff

    4E 4E DnD Insider Moving; No Longer Available To New Subscribers

    Almost as if they making way for something new...
  12. Grimstaff

    5E Battle Masters

    For anyone playing the Battle Master archetype - how's it going? Does the extra die of damage along with the maneuvers make a big difference, or is it much the same as a Champion?
  13. Grimstaff

    5E 5E inspired by B/X?

    Looks very possible based on some recent Facebook posts from Mike Mearls. More detail on my blog here: http://beyondtheblackgate.blogspot.com/2015/04/the-old-school-roots-of-d-5e.html?m= Thoughts?
  14. Grimstaff

    5E 10% off 5E PHB on .pdf

    Seems like a pretty good deal. http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/245541/DnD-PDFlibrary-PlayersHandbook-5e
  15. Grimstaff

    5E Tell me about your Homebrew 5E campaign setting

    I'm curious if anyone has developed their own Homebrew campaign settings, and how (if at all) the design of 5E influenced that setting. For instance, in the Homebrew setting I'm tinkering with, I developed the settings pantheon based on 5E's 8 cleric domains, and a cabal of Great Old One...
  16. Grimstaff

    5E Improved Find Familiar

    So I'd like the more advanced familiars (the ones Warlocks can get) to be available to Wizards (especially Conjurers). Do you think making this a 3rd level or 5th level spell would be appropriate? Any balance issues I'm missing?
  17. Grimstaff

    5E 5E Novels?

    Anyone know if WotC has any post 5E novels out / coming out? Previous edition releases had a few that were enjoyable, in a pulpy sort of way.
  18. Grimstaff

    5E Human-only campaign setting?

    Can anyone recommend a good human-only fantasy campaign setting? I sometimes grow tired of the pseudo-Tolkienish default settings of D&D, and wouldn't mind exploring 5e in a more Sword & Sorcery, Hyborean-type setting.
  19. Grimstaff

    5E Great Weapon Master

    I'm thinking of house ruling this to include all strength based melee weapons. Mainly because there just aren't any feats for your regular Longsword-wielding guy. Does this house rule have any immediately noticeable problems / issues?