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    Asylum 1

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    What The $%&! Is A Stealth Encounter?

    (This post comes from our Shades of Emerald blog, but has been copied here in full for convenience sake.) There’s something about rogues (or thieves, bandits, assassins, whatever else you want to call them). They carry an aura of danger about them. The way they stand in darkness keeping their...
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    EONS Adventures = Choice

    While wizards might be fumbling with the 4e ball and figuring out who to throw it to, the independent 4e community is still kicking. EONS #1: The Endless Vault is a new one-shot 4e adventure from Emerald Press PDF Publishing. Sitting outside of Seddleton is a neglected house the children call...
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    [4e] Want to Advertise An Upcoming Adventure/Supplement?

    Previews are an excellent tool for providing your potential customers with a sample of your latest work but they're only useful if those customer can find your preview. Combat Advantage is an ENnie nominated free-zine dedicated to providing unique independent 4e material (AKA 3pp supplements)...
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    Cover Preview: Combat Advantage #18

    While the final issue won't be ready for a couple of weeks, there's a preview of the cover for Combat Advantage #18 from Emerald Press PDF Publishing. The September/October issue of the ENnie nominated 4e magazine will, once again, have over 50+ pages of free material supporting the 4th edition...
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    4E Playing 4E without miniatures and the battle grid.

    I've almost always used minis, even in games where you'd never expect to use them (like Vampire). It just saves a lot of confusion in combat and makes the battle go by faster. The only problem I have with combat is the amount of money spent on having the "latest, greatest" minis. Par example, I...
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    4E [4e] Eldritch Knight

    Aha, now I know where to find you on here. All looks good except for the level 11 PP feature and power, IMO: Eldritch Mark (Level 11): You may treat creatures you mark as being under the effects of your Warlock's Curse, except you may not deal Warlock's curse damage when you hit them with...
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    EONS: Emerald's One Night Stand Announced

    Premiering at the Game Summit con in Ottawa, Canada this weekend is the new adventure series from Emerald Press PDF Publishing, EONS: Emerald's One Night Sessions. Each adventure, designed for 4e under the GSL, provides everything you need to run a one-nighter at the last moment and has been...
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    Is Dying Such a Bad Thing?

    Not the mechanics (which makes it nearly impossible to die unless you're crushed to -30 hp) but the principle of fighting until you drop for good. We faced that this past weekend when facing an army of 1000 soldiers trying to arrest the city's baron. Half of the party was hesitant and wanted to...
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    [4e] Key of the Fey Preview #1: Meeting With Stump

    Sorry, double post. The original post and PDF are here!
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    [4e] Key of the Fey Preview #1: Meeting With Stump

    Get paid or die. Your choice. With almost a month to go before its release, the first preview for The Key of the Fey 4e mercenary adventure is ready for gawking, scrutinizing, and applauding. Designed for new characters from levels 1-3, Key provides an introductory job for mercenaries... not...
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    Specialist Class: The Collector

    Before putting this out there in any "official" capacity, just wanted to post this here and get some feedback before going any further with it. We're working on a project called "Break & Enter" dealing with stealth in 4e games and one of the biggest issues tackled are skill checks -...
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    CA Live: Episode 1 Podcast and a Major Announcement for CA15

    Good day, gamers! While we're trying to work out some bugs on the site at the moment, just wanted to post the first episode of our new podcast here. CA Live is the official podcast for Combat Advantage and features interviews with some of the leading publishers, designers, and others in the...
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    4E 4e monster formatting tool

    Very nice. Hope you don't mind but I posted a link to this thread on the CA News page.
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    Any Other 4e Review Sites Out There?

    Other than here, the staff reviews at OBS and Neuroglyph Games, any other place that reliably does reviews for 4e products? More specifically, independent (3pp) 4e products? I'd like to start building a "review page" on the CA page linking to existing reviews on existing 4e products other than...
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    Sidekicks: Need Suggestions for my PC

    First off, this will be my first Pathfinder character and the DM has strictly forbidden any other d20 material - PF core book only. And, in typical fashion, I don't just want to play what's written down. My PC is a human monk and a master of improvised weapons. I had originally wanted to take...
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    Combat Advantage - A Podcast, Advertising, and a Facebook Page

    Why I decided to put all of this together during the Holiday Shopping season, I don't know. But here we are nonetheless. As part of our New Year's initiative for Combat Advantage - a free-zine supporting 4E - we're just a couple of weeks away from releasing the first episode of our podcast, CA...
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    4E Running 4E combats quickly

    It's always surprised me for years how some players never have a clue what they'll do once their turn starts. Like standing in line at McDonalds to have the person in front of you not have a clue what they want. Even deciding if they want Subway instead. Acting quickly and decisively suits...
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    [4E] Risen - On Sale October 26th

    Legends Never Die. The battlefields of the multiverse yield more than fallen orcs, necromancers, and demons; uncounted heroes have taken to their graves in the quest for adventure, a reminder of the consequences of bravery. Rather than slip into the Void of death, powers exist in your campaign...
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    [NSFW] Divine Orisons

    Divine Orisons Those damn, dirty wizards think they can have all the at-wills they want and no one else will try to mimic that "0-level" feel? Not if the clerics have anything to do with it. Create a divine at-will power designed to function as a flavor power, similar to the wizard cantrips...