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  1. Nylanfs

    Secrets of RPG Success: Interview with Phil Reed

    2002 wasn't so long ago, also you kids get off my lawn!
  2. Nylanfs

    Paizo New Leadership at Paizo

    I agree, you are. :)
  3. Nylanfs

    5E Epic Monsters: World Turtle

    The better questions is what level does my druid Fiona have to be to have it as an animal companion because she loves turtles?
  4. Nylanfs

    VTT Spotlight: D20PRO

    He forgot to mention that it imports PCGen characters. :)
  5. Nylanfs

    How to Play VTTs Like a Boss

    Plus Smiteworks are okay with discussing different VTT's in the forums (as long as everyone is respectful of the other people talking).
  6. Nylanfs

    Critical Role Critical Role Suspends Broadcasts

    I know that with FG everyone involved with the company are remote and work from home. And it isn't reliant much on server bandwidth like Roll20 is because it's peer-to-peer.
  7. Nylanfs

    Vampire: The Masquerade 5e: Modiphius’ Fall of London

    And It's going to be coming to Fantasy Grounds soon also.
  8. Nylanfs

    PCGen entering archive mode.

    Announcement. It is with sad news the core team members of the PCGen BoD are stepping down (or handing off the reins to any new blood that wish to take up the challenge). As of the release of the Pathfinder 2 datasets for 6.08.00 RC7, Andrew Maitland, the Data Lead (the core driving and...
  9. Nylanfs

    PCGen Needs You!

    PCGen Needs You! – PCGen PCGen has a critical shortage of contributors. The release and development of [6.08.00] has been slow and may be the project’s last. It will come with fixes and pathfinder 2ed support. The lack of volunteers has brought development to a slow crawl, both in terms of...
  10. Nylanfs

    5E Mythological Figures: Hayreddin Barbarossa

    Or is the magic so advanced it seems like science?
  11. Nylanfs

    Modiphius To Produce Homeworld RPG

    My question is will it come with a Soundtrack by YES?
  12. Nylanfs

    Fantasy Grounds Top RPGs (Last 12 Months)

    Yay, #graphporn :)
  13. Nylanfs

    WotC Frylock's Gaming & Geekery Challenges WotC's Copyright Claims

    Yep complete bullshit in the 3rd article like I thought it would be.
  14. Nylanfs

    WotC Frylock's Gaming & Geekery Challenges WotC's Copyright Claims

    I'd love to see that question and some of the student's responses. :)
  15. Nylanfs

    We are back!

  16. Nylanfs

    PF2E What's Happening With Pathfinder 2E 3rd Party Licensing?

    We tried to get early access for PCGen, but couldn't since we aren't using the Compatibility License, only the Community Use. :(
  17. Nylanfs

    PF2E What's Happening With Pathfinder 2E 3rd Party Licensing?

    I don't mind them having the non-open content, if they could clearly mark what is OGL, what is IP, and what is non-OGL. Also, are there any changes expected in the Community Use Policy? That's what we use at PCGen.
  18. Nylanfs

    3E/3.5 Best 3.5e Character Generator?.

    Seeing as how those books were never released under the OGL you will likely not find one that uses those. You can use both PCGen and Herolab to create your own data, and I know that people have made files for books not under the OGL and hosted them on their own sites or repositories. But you'd...
  19. Nylanfs

    Non-existent Reputation comment?

    I have this notification of a reputation comment, but there isn't anything there. I've cleared my block users just in case it was one of them. Has anyone seen this or have a fix.